Community Profile

Community Profile

The Community Profile page provides detailed information of the demographic information related to the City, its suburbs and communities of interest. It is a ‘one stop’ source of demographic, social, health and sustainability data specifically related to the City and its suburbs.

Resources on this page include:

  • Current demographic information, trends and future forecasts.
  • Community wellbeing data.
  • Place based demographic information about key suburbs with emerging and changing populations.
  • Information about communities of interest including:
    • First Nations people
    • People with Disability
    • Young People
    • Seniors
    • Multicultural Community
    • Low-income households

Information on this page will remain accurate until further data is made available. For most demographic data, this will be in 2027, when the 2026 ABS Census data is released.
If you require further information, please contact Council’s Social Strategy Team at or 4732 7777.

Social and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 reports

The  Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Penrith City and Social Impacts of COVID-19 on Penrith City reports have been developed to support local services providers and others in responding to the increasing and emerging challenges of COVID-19 for our community. The reports encapsulate key findings from surveys with residents, businesses and the community sector, as well as collating publicly available data. They also summarise some key learnings to guide our response moving forward.

These two documents are a more comprehensive version of the Social and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 interim snapshot  published by Penrith City Council in 2021.

Penrith’s Health Snapshot

Healthy eating and physical activity are important for our wellbeing. The Health Snapshot covers issues such as healthy eating, physical activity, social connection, mental health and alcohol consumption. The included case studies showcase local projects making a positive difference in people’s lives.

The Snapshot contains data from local research in 2019 that was undertaken to understand residents’ perceptions of social connection, barriers to active transport and food literacy.

Health Snapshot provides demographic analysis for the City and its suburbs based on results from six Censuses from 1991 through to 2021. The profile is updated with population estimates when the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) releases new figures.

Information Includes:

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Demographic Analysis Reports

Below is a series of Demographic Analysis Reports created 2023, which provide an analysis of census data to a particular group in the community. These reports are designed to be downloaded and used by the community.

Demographic Tools

The below demographic tools were developed in 2024 displaying place-based demographic information and snapshots on communities of interest. These powerpoints and simple summary face sheets are designed to be downloaded and used by the community.

Penrith City Social Atlas

Penrith City Social Atlas provides key socio-demographic characteristics, based on census data presented as interactive maps.  

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