Trees and scrub along the banks of the Nepean River

Our residents have told us that protecting our river, creeks, waterways and bushland areas is a high priority. They also want support to use materials, energy and water resources efficiently. We're home to a diverse range of native species and ecological communities, including about 17% of the remnant vegetation of the Cumberland Plain, the highest proportion within any council area. To manage our environment for future generations we must balance growth with the need to preserve our natural environment, support agriculture and build on our local fresh food production and other rural activities.

Connect with Nature

Western Sydney has a great diversity of animal and plant life. Watch our Connect with Nature series and learn some tips and tricks on how you can discover animals and plants at your local reserves and parks, create habitat in your very own backyard for bees and frogs, and safely learn and explore nature near you.


Find out if you need Council approval to remove or prune a tree, or what to do is a tree is causing you problems...

Our River Project

The Nepean River and the public spaces along it are highly valued by our community and visitors. Read about our plans to protect and make the most of it into the future...

Environmental Photo Competition

Council runs an annual photo competition. See the winning entries from previous years...

Waterway Health

We're proud of our unique natural environment, including our beautiful Nepean River and other waterways. We work to improve and maintain waterway health in a range of ways...


Bushland provides essential habitat for our native animals and plants. Penrith is home to at least 132 species of native fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, 200 native birds, over 500 native plant species and 13 vegetation communities! Find out why our bushland is important!


Biodiversity is an important part of our community. Learn more about Council’s biodiversity initiatives and how you can get involved.


Council is responsible for enforcing environmental legislation relating to most pollution incidents in our City...

Floodplain Management

Our City lies within the Hawkesbury - Nepean Catchment. See Council's floodplain risk management studies and plans...

On-site Sewage Management

Find out about different kinds of on-site sewage management systems and your responsibilities as an owner. Also read about Council's role and policy...


Find out about Council’s role in managing asbestos, current environmental investigations and remediation projects, and asbestos safety information.

Pesticide Use

The draft Pesticide use notification plan for outdoor public places outlines how Penrith City Council will notify the Community of pesticide applications.