Planning Controls


Council and our community want a well-planned, balanced City that supports the housing, lifestyle, employment and other needs of our diverse, growing population. This section contains the documents that plan, guide and manage development in our City.

Local Environmental Plans

Local Environmental Plans (along with Interim Development Orders) are the legal documents that guide planning decision in our City. Through zoning and other planning controls, they allow Council to manage the ways in which land is used...

Draft Planning Controls

Find out about draft changes to the planning controls for Penrith City...

Development Control Plans

Development Control Plans support Local Environmental Plans with detailed development guidelines.

NSW Planning Documents

The NSW Government has its own policies and strategies about how it undertakes long-term planning. These policies may apply to all of NSW or specific regions within NSW. For a full list of SEPPs, go to NSW Legislation.

Development Contributions and Planning Agreements

Council collects contributions from developers which it then uses to provide the public infrastructure, services and amenities needed as a result of new development.

Outdoor Dining

We currently have around 50 businesses in Penrith City that have permission for outdoor dining areas on the street.