Walking trails and outdoor gyms

Walking trails and outdoor gyms

Penrith has many places where you can walk, cycle or be active. Whether you want to trim, tone or strengthen your body or just enjoy the scenic local environment along a creek or river there is something suitable for people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. We currently have two maps available to help you explore the area.

Walking, Cycle and Fitness Trails Map shows 30 locations to visit with some details on what you might see.

The Glenmore Park Fitness Trail Map details the free outdoor exercise area at Glenmore Ridge and other trails available in Glenmore Park.

If you're looking for a running partner, check out Penrith Lakes Parkrun and Nepean River Parkrun for a free timed 5km run starting at 8am every Saturday morning. 

The Heart Foundation and Council are partnering together to bring to the community Penrith Heart Foundation Walks, a free community-based network of walking groups that help make walking fun, social and is an easy way to get active!

Looking for something fun to do with the kids while you're walking along one of our trails? Download our Nature Hunt Walk activity sheet and see what you can find on your day out. Check out The Great West Walk as well!

The Great West Walk

The Great West Walk is a 65km walking route stretching from Parramatta to the foot of the Blue Mountains. Officially opened in October 2019, the walk traverses a varied landscape across the Cumberland Plain and includes , local river systems, public parklands, heritage architecture and some of Western Sydney’s most iconic urban landscapes.

The Penrith portion of the walk contains many highlights, including:

The route meanders through parks, streetscapes, footpaths, and bush trails and is a great way to explore Penrith on foot.

Click here to view a guide on how to download and use the map on the go, prepared by the Walking Volunteers Inc.

Let it Bee

Penrith City Council was awarded funding under the NSW Government’s Greening the Great West Walk program for an innovative planting project called “Let it Bee”. This project was designed to improve soil quality and prepare tree beds for planting through the installation of a temporary wildflower meadow.

The wildflower meadow is along the Great West Walk, a 65km walk from Parramatta to the base of the Blue Mountains. This planting is part of the Greening the Great West Walk program and will help reduce temperatures along the walk, mitigate the urban heat island effect and help enhance biodiversity.

The wildflower meadow will be open from Summer 2021 to Autumn 2022. After flowering, Council staff will collect suitable seeds for propagation in the nursery before the wildflowers are cultivated back into the soil for tree planting.

Bee sure to check it out this season and see what flowers, butterflies, and other pollinators you can spot before it’s gone! Check out our What’s On page for more details.

Let it Bee is proudly funded by the NSW Government.


From Thursday 1 – Saturday 31 October, swap your car for your bike and get active.

What are some of the BBs (Bike Benefits)? 

  • Improves your health and fitness
  • Save time – a 5km-10km ride will only take you 15-30 minutes on average
  • Assists with mental health

Plus it’s fun, free and the best part is that you don’t have to be a professional cyclist to participate. Get on your bike for even just a 10-minute ride!

Stay safe adhere to road rules, always wear a helmet every time you’re on your bike and supervise children. Don't forget to check out our Bike trail map above.

For more information visit https://www.lovetoride.net/nsw