Resilient Penrith

Apartment building with living green walls and solar panels

Every year, Sydney swelters through its summers, and they are getting hotter. We need to cool the urban spaces. We want to tackle this dilemma and create a more liveable city.


Find out how Council is working towards a resilient Penrith.

Tree Planting

Trees play a critical role in creating a cooler and more liveable region. As our city grows, Council is working to plant more trees to create a nicer place to live, work, and play.

Cooling the City Strategy

This Strategy aims to identify strategies to cool our City and region in a way that improves liveability and prioritises protection from heat for people and communities.

Cooling the City: Planning for Heat Issues Paper

The Cooling the City: Planning for Heat Issues Paper identifies two priority issues and five key actions that advocate for changes to the state planning system to ensure that all new developments across Western Sydney are designed to be adaptive to urban heat in both the current and future climate.

Homes and Heat

Council's recent Homes and Heat: Inspiring Design, Building and Retrofit Solutions was a great success. Find out what nationally renowned experts had to say as we delved into what it takes to make a home cool and comfortable in our Western Sydney climate.

Cooling the City Masterclass

Around 350 built environment professionals joined us to be equally inspired and challenged by leading experts as we work together to create a cooler and more liveable city. Find out what they had to say at the engaging Cooling the City masterclass.

Heat Sensors project

Council partnered with Western Sydney University to record localised summer air temperatures in the Penrith area of 2019-20. Learn more about Penrith’s heat temperatures, the way Council and WSU investigated the summer heat, and what you can do to stay cool.

Beat The Heat

We want to help you beat the heat this summer. Council is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of its residents, as well as visitors to the region.

Emergency Ready

Know your risk and be prepared for disasters and other emergencies.










Image (banner):  One Central Park
Photographer: Murray Fredericks
Image supplied by: Frasers Property Australia