Our International Partners

Our International Partners

Since signing our first agreement in 1984, our City's international links program has grown to include:

  • Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan - Sister City  
  • Penrith, Cumbria, England - Sister City  
  • Hakusan City (incorporating Matto City), Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan - Friendship City  
  • Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea - Mutual Co-operation Agreement   
  • Xicheng District of Beijing City, China - Mutual Co-operation Agreement  
  • Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China - Friendship City.

A Sister City agreement between Penrith City and  Fujieda City was signed on 3 November, 1984 at a ceremony in Fujieda. Both cities pledged  to "broaden the range of cultural, sporting, education and economic exchange programs and to establish a lasting friendly relationship".

A reciprocal student exchange program between Penrith City and Fujieda City Japan has been running successfully for almost 30 years.  Organised by the Penrith International Friendship Committee, a committee of Council , this program gives local high school students the opportunity to experience a completely different culture.  Each year for a three week period in July/August up to six students from Fujieda visit Penrith. Then in September/October students from Penrith visit Fujieda.   

A Sister City Agreement between our Penrith City and  Penrith, Cumbria  in England was signed on 23 November, 1989 " to perpetuate the close association between the citizens of Penrith, Australia and Penrith, Cumbria  and to promote greater understanding and friendship".

A Friendship Agreement between Penrith City and Matto City was signed in November, 1989. In 2005 Matto merged with surrounding smaller towns and  cities to become Hakusan City. A new Friendship Agreement between  Penrith City and the newly formed entity of  Hakusan City was signed in October 2005.

A Mutual Cooperation Agreement was signed between Penrith City  and Gangseo District of Seoul, Korea in December, 1994. The  agreement is business oriented and based on the "pursuit of mutual economic benefit, municipal administrative and operations development, and greater understanding through reciprocal contact."

A Mutual Cooperation Agreement was signed between Penrith City and Xichend District of Beijing City the in June 1998. The agreement is business based and both parties pledged to "broaden the range of business relationships and associated programs and to establish a lasting friendly relationship based on mutual cooperation." Xicheng (Western) is one of four urban districts in Beijing with an area of 31.66 sq km and a population of 789,900. Xicheng District, which borders Tian'anmen Square, enjoys many cultural assets and boasts Beijing Financial Street, which houses the headquarters of many of China's major financial and business activities.

A Friendly relationship was signed between Penrith City and the City of Kunshan on 14 October 2003 to enhance and develop friendship and co-operation between the two cities. Kunshan is located approximately 58 kilometres from China’s largest city, Shanghai, and covers a total area of 921 square kilometres. The City is a rapidly developing economic centre that is ranked amongst the most advanced in the Jiangsu Province and China. Kunshan comprises the old city and the new Kunshan district. Standing side by side, the two impart a vibrant vigour of modern times as well as classical beauty. Kunshan has over 1900 urban and rural industrial enterprises with investors from 55 countries and regions. Total investment in the City exceeds $20US billion. Over 40% of the world’s computer screens are manufactured in Kunshan. 

Penrith's activities with our international partners include:

  • Civic and formal occasions
  • Cultural and sporting programs
  • Student exchange and sister school activities
  • Inter-council activities and information sharing
  • Business and economic development programs.

International Friendship Day 2023

International Friendship Day

Sunday 30 July is the United Nation’s International Friendship Day, a time to celebrate friendships between people, countries, cultures and individuals and acknowledge how they inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

Penrith Council will mark this special day by reflecting and celebrating our longstanding relationships with the following cities:

  • Fujieda, Japan – Sister City
  • Hakusan, Japan – Friendship City
  • Penrith, UK – Sister City
  • Gangseo-gu – Republic of Korea – Mutual Co-operation Agreement
  • Xicheng District of Beijing City, China – Mutual Co-operation Agreement
  • Kunshan, China – Friendship City 

The Penrith International Partnerships Program has a long history, dating back to the signing of Council’s first Sister City agreement with Fujieda in 1984. Since then, these relationships have provided opportunities for our residents to learn about different cultures and helped us celebrate and promote the places, people and cultures that make Penrith unique.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, travel was ruled out to our partnership cities, however we continued to stay in contact through online meetings and programs – including an exchange of video messages between local schools and schools in Hakusan and a Zoom exchange between local high schools and schools in Fujieda.

In past years, our community has benefited from many sporting and cultural exchanges, delegations to and from our partnership cities and the exploration of investment opportunities.