Our City Centres

Our City Centres

Penrith City Centre

Council's strategy to transform the City Centre and deliver jobs for the future. A process of collaborative discovery it identified new economic, social and environmental drivers, addressed barriers to investment, and identified catalyst projects to revitalise the city.

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The Penrith City Centre Vision sets the framework for the City Centre to grow into a prosperous, vibrant and attractive City. The Vision is supported by the Penrith LEP 2010 and  Penrith City Centre Civic Improvement Plan.

Council worked with local businesses, residents and shoppers to gather information and make recommendations to improve the streets of the City Centre. These recommendations are captured by the Penrith City Centre Public Domain Masterplan Council adopted in June 2013.

Download the Penrith Public Domain Manual Council adopted in July 2015. 

St Marys Town Centre

Council's adopted St Marys Town Centre Strategy (2006) (the Strategy) outlines a vision that identifies key steps to deliver a vital, viable, sustainable Town Centre:

  • imagining the future of the Town Centre in partnership with the community.
  • building community support.
  • achieving an ecologically sustainable centre.
  • creating friendly and attractive places and spaces.
  • creating a cultural/entertainment precinct.
  • making housing and mixed use developments a priority.
  • managing parking and improving access.
  • fostering economic investment.
  • achieving a quality built environment.
  • providing the right planning, development and implementation framework.

The directions set by the Strategy and subsequent St Marys Town Centre Masterplan (2007) are intended to create attractive, inviting and safe public places and spaces to encourage new mixed use and high density residential developments in and around the Town Centre. A mix of uses should attract pedestrians and increase activity to create a lively social environment and improve economic performance. A growing population and economic investment in the Centre has significant potential to increase its vitality and viability in the longer term.

The Strategy and Masterplan propose, among other things, a central town square, a new east-west road linking Charles Hackett Drive with Queen Street, and distinct entry gateways from the Western Rail Line and the Great Western Highway. These documents also recognise the importance of the existing shopping centres (Station Plaza and St Marys Village) and recommends they are expanded towards Queen Street. This potentially requires use of the public land between the shopping centres and Queen Street (Kokoda and Lang Parks and car parking).

The current planning controls for the Town Centre were set and adopted by Council and came into effect in 2010 as Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP 2010) and Penrith Development Control Plan 2014. These documents underpin the Strategy with a mixed use business zone (B4 Mixed Use) applying over all of the Town Centre. This zone permits a variety of commercial, retail and residential uses. The documents also control the future built form and urban design of the Town Centre.

There is currently significant interest in developing sites in and around the Town Centre. These development proposals are generally consistent with the Strategy and include mixed use and high-density residential developments and the redevelopment of the two (2) existing shopping centres.

Any development proposal requires a development application supported by appropriate studies into its constraints and opportunities (for example, traffic management, car parking and drainage. The community is notified of all development applications by Council's Development Services Department as part of the Development Application Process. Council's Development Services team can be contacted on 4732 7777 or atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kingswood Centre

The Kingswood Pedestrian Lighting Strategy promotes pedestrian safety, amenity, way finding and enhances peoples’ experience of the Kingswood Traders Precinct at night.

Download a copy of the Kingswood Pedestrian Lighting strategy.

Download the Kingswood Public Domain Manual Council adopted in September 2014.