Community Awards

Community Awards

Our community is talented, generous and active. Council currently recognises local achievements and contributions in our annual Local Celebration Awards. In prior years, we also did this through our Council Australia Day Awards and Wall of Achievement Awards.

Council's Local Celebration Awards

The Local Celebration Awards is a community awards program adopted by Penrith City Council in 2021 to recognise and celebrate the people who are making a difference in Penrith. Visit the Local Celebration Awards web page to find out more.

Council's Australia Day Awards

Australia Day Award Winners

MALCOLM ROBAR Penrith Citizen of the Year

Mr Malcolm Robar has dedicated his life to helping others in times of need, in his career as a member of the Australian Federal Police and as a volunteer for several organisations including the NSW State Emergency Service, NSW Rural Fire Service, and Marine Rescue New South Wales.

Malcom’s passion for service and helping people began during his time with the Australian Federal Police (1985-2000) where he worked in areas such as Fraud and General Crime, Drug Operations, Organised Crime Branch, Internal Affairs and as part of the security planning team for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

For the past 10 years, Malcolm has been a dedicated volunteer for organisations providing emergency responses to natural disasters including hail storms, floods, bushfires and other major events. He coordinated responses and worked to coordinate agencies to ensure people received help when they needed it the most.

Malcolm has also been an active member of local sporting clubs supporting Softball and junior Rugby League players in his capacity as a coach and manager for teams in Penrith, and also recently visited the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia to work with the Indigenous community teaching basic computer skills.

JOSE RELUNIA Penrith Local Appreciation

Mr Jose Relunia is a highly trusted, respected and recognised leader among the Penrith and Greater Sydney Filipino Community and he has devoted his life to helping others and sharing his culture with the broader community.

As President of the Western Sydney Fil-Oz Association, Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens Inc, Philippine Community Council of NSW and Australian Devotees of Our Lady of Penafrancia, Jose has played an important role supporting newly arrived migrants, fostering inclusion and promoting Philippine culture.

In retirement, Jose has dedicated his time to his faith and the community volunteering for the Filipino Chaplaincy, Diocese of Parramatta, Liturgical Committee, St. Nicholas of Myra Parish, Penrith and as a columnist for the Philippine Community Herald.

IAN WEST Penrith Local Appreciation

Mr Ian West has volunteered for the Emu Plains Lions Club for many years and has played an important role in driving their fundraising, donation and community programs which support the local Penrith community as well as international aid organisations.

This year Ian celebrated 20 years’ service with the Club, and has served as President twice; from 2003-2005 and 2014-2017. During this time he was responsible for coordinating the collection of over 25,000 pairs of prescription glasses for 3rd world countries, the Annual Lions BBQ for the NAIDOC Cup and the continued support of the Lions Youth of the Year Program.

Ian was also instrumental in forming the Penrith Men’s Basketball Club and Penrith Junior Australian Rules Club and has volunteered for other local community groups including Oz Harvest and Shalvey Community Centre, receiving and distributing food to those in need.

ROBERT RIGBY Penrith Local Appreciation

Mr Robert Rigby has been a committed and respected Cubs Leader for the 1st South Penrith Scouting Group for over 10 years and has made a significant contribution to the education, safety and wellbeing of children (cubs) in this time.

Robert goes above and beyond what is expected, taking the time to plan and execute an extraordinary variety of outdoor activities including camping, bushcraft, hiking, rafting and canoeing to ensure children are engaged and excited to learn and experience new things.

Robert is well-respected amongst the children, parents and other leaders and invests a great deal of time and effort to ensure children under his care enjoy a well-rounded, fun, challenging and adventurous experience.

CHERISE TERRY-JONGEJANS Penrith Local Appreciation

Ms Cherise Terry-Jongejans volunteers as a Youth Cadet Leader for St John Ambulance Penrith Division each Friday night, teaching young people aged 12-18yrs important first aid skills and sharing her passion for helping people.

As a St John Ambulance volunteer, Cherise also attends local events including those held at the Nepean River, ANZAC day parades and at the Penrith Community Tree Lighting. Her enthusiasm for helping people has encouraged large groups of Cadets to join her in volunteering at these events.

When she’s not volunteering Cherise is a registered nurse and a registered qualified Paramedic with the Western Sydney Nepean Blue Mountains sector of NSW Ambulance where she provides rapid response, emergency medical assessment, treatment and care for members of our community when they need it most.


Mama Lana’s Community Foundation has been providing ‘Kindness with No Strings’ to the local community since 2013. Mrs Lana Borg along with her husband Roger started the Foundation during the Springwood bushfire disaster, providing support and sandwiches to exhausted RFS personnel.

What began as something small and simple soon grew as they identified an urgent need to care for and feed the homeless and disadvantaged in the Penrith community. Mama Lana’s Community Foundation began serving hot meals six nights a week from an uncovered outdoor area in Allan Place, then from Judges Carpark and now from a house on Woodriff St, Penrith.

Mama Lana’s Community Foundation now has more than 180 volunteers on a rotating roster and has grown to become a vital service in the local community offering regular meals to the homeless and disadvantaged, free counselling services and working with NGOs to provide access to housing, mental health services and the NDIS.


The Kickability program, run by the Penrith Giants, is an award winning program developed locally to provide options for children on the autism spectrum or with intellectual, communication and attention difficulties to participate in Aussie Rules football.

The program was developed in response to parents wanting to involve their children in local sport, but the traditional Auskick program was not suitable. The Giants designed and piloted a program specifically created to meet the challenges of including children with special needs being smaller numbers, one to one coaching, modified and simplified rules (also available in Auslan for non-verbal children) and on field support.

The program has been a hit with kids and parents alike; graduates of Kickability are now playing alongside other children in junior teams, and older junior members are also participating as Coaches and support for the younger children. The Kickability program was also recently awarded the 2019 inclusion in sport award by ‘Play by the Rules’ organisation and worked closely with Relay For Life.


  • Farah Madon - Penrith Citizen of the Year
  • Orchard Hills Rural Fire Brigade - Penrith Community Group Award
  • Grace Brinckley OAM - Local Appreciation Award
  • Joh Dickens - Local Appreciation Award
  • Marlene Harris - Local Appreciation Award
  • Sean Hogan - Local Appreciation Award
  • Melissa Spurrier - Local Appreciation Award


  • Michele Ellery – Penrith Citizen of the Year
  • North St Marys Matters – Penrith Community Group Award
  • Team Colyton – Penrith Community Group Award
  • OWZAC – Penrith Community Organisation Award
  • Nicole Bridges – Local Appreciation Award
  • David Hancock - Local Appreciation Award
  • Myra Rodgers - Local Appreciation Award
  • Jim Riley - Local Appreciation Award


  • Ross Hutchison - Penrith Citizen of the Year
  • Mitchell Beggs- Mowczan - Young Citizen of the Year
  • Leonie Moore - Sportsperson of the Year
  • Mr Ray Debono - Local Hero


  • Wayne Willmington - Penrith Citizen of the Year
  • Joshua Gadd - Penrith Sports Person of the Year
  • Michael McConnell - Penrith Local Appreciation Award
  • John Campbell - Penrith Local Appreciation Award
  • Mr George & Mrs Carol Tsiavos - Penrith Local Appreciation Award
  • Mr Mario Pace - Penrith Local Appreciation Award
  • Mr John Vickers - Penrith Local Appreciation Award
  • Mrs Caroline Volkiene - Penrith Local Appreciation Award
  • Mr John Chorma - Penrith Local Appreciation Award


  • David Currie - Penrith Citizen of the Year
  • Max Fenton - Penrith Young Person of the Year
  • Tahlia Tupaea - Penrith Sports Person of the Year.
  • Lesley Smith - Penrith Local Hero
  • Sally Wawn - Local Appreciation Award
  • Abaker Athum - Local Appreciation Award
  • Dr Om Dhungyel - Local Appreciation Award
  • Dr Alexis Leones- Local Appreciation Award
  • Sally Reedy - Local Appreciation Award


  • Peter Camilleri - Penrith Citizen of the Year
  • Bede Johnston - Penrith Sports person of the year
  • Robert and Joyce Moynahan - Local appreciation award
  • Phil Lacey - Local appreciation award
  • Elizabeth Reibelt - Local appreciation award
  • Gina Field - Local appreciation award


  • Jessica Fox - Citizen of the year and Penrith sports person of the year
  • Dr William Gayed - Penrith appreciation award
  • Jan Bradley - Penrith appreciation award
  • Benjamin Egge - Local appreciation award
  • Michael and Jo-ann Morris - Local appreciation award


  • Robert Walsh - Penrith citizen of the year
  • Danielle Steele - Local appreciation award
  • Shirley Satur - Local appreciation award
  • Jim Roche - Local appreciation award
  • Natasha Duarte - Young citizen of the year


  • Steven Rae - Young Citizen of the Year
  • Charlotte Wilson - Young Sports Achievement Award
  • Margaret Dwyer - Community Award
  • Jill Huber - Community Award
  • James Tiberi - Community Award


  • Aaron Nielsen- Young Citizen of the Year
  • Allan Bond - Community Award
  • Gabrielle Moran - Community Award
  • Rodney Jacka - Community Award


  • Terry Heidtmann - Citizen of the Year
  • Dylan Snape - Young Citizen of the Year
  • Kathy Rae - Community Award
  • Peter Leek OAM - Young Sports Achievement Award


  • John Bateman - Citizen of the Year
  • Bill Borg - Sports Achievement Award
  • Diane Walczak - Community Award
  • Sister Mary-Louise Petro - Community Award


  • John Farragher - Citizen of the Year
  • Mark Butler - Sports Achievement Award
  • Fred Cunliffe - Community Award
  • Katrina Green -Young Citizen Award


  • Norma Thorburn - Citizen of the Year
  • Kerry Wyborn - Sports Achievement Award
  • Kerrie Sacco - Community Award
  • Rhiannon Shannon - Young Citizen Award

Until 2009, Council recognised local achievements and contributions through the annual Wall of Achievement Awards, in the categories: Business, Carer, Civic, Community Services, Culture & Environment, and Sport. See the list of locals honoured in these annual awards below.

From 2010 onwards, Council has recognised the outstanding achievements and contributions of residents through our Australia Day Awards.

  • Valerie Anderson
  • Margaret Dwyer
  • Joan McKinnon
  • John Smith
  • Merle Blatch
  • Gina Field
  • Reginald Menz
  • Michael Soper
  • John Boccanfuso
  • Margaret Gibbs
  • Karl Preuss
  • Sherrille Stephens
  • Linda Coates
  • Joy Gillett
  • Bill Reeves
  • Bob Thatcher
  • Catherine Craig
  • Joyce Leavett-Brown
  • Barry Roots
  • Sr Joyce Vella
  • Patricia Curry
  • Christine McKinnon
  • Audrey(Sue) Sewter
  • Craig Werner
  • Bruce Turner
  • Gerard Buchtmann
  • Paul Hennessy
  • Winsome Turner
  • Ian Garton
  • John Buchtmann
  • Joan Maniaci
  • Susan Oxenham
  • Rodney Hayward
  • Marj Elphick
  • Vera Mills
  • Vanessa Jackson
  • Leigh Hartog
  • Patricia Formosa
  • Rae Paine
  • John Rattenbury
  • Thelma Anderson
  • Julie Gillies
  • Julia Parashko
  • Mark Rattenbury
  • Eve Armitage
  • Margaret Goodridge
  • Jean Priest
  • Evelyn Stark
  • Albert Blatch
  • Tim Hennessy
  • Joan Stenhouse
  • Kerry Wyborn
  • Andrew Heaton
  • Bev Wynne
  • Clinton Jessop-Smith
  • Douglas Drew
  • Gary Stockbridge
  • Helen Badrick
  • James Mason OAM
  • Jeanette McLean
  • Jennifer Maiden
  • Jim Harwood
  • Jim Walker
  • Judith Sibald
  • Kerrie Sacco
  • Mark White
  • Miluska Simkova
  • Noel Rowsell
  • Ruth Hutchins
  • Stephen Weyman
  • Therese Jordan
  • Kevin Finlayson
  • Wal Charlwood
  • Pat Charlwood
  • Dr Milkha Singh Brar
  • Paula Bossard
  • Barry Walsh
  • Ron Richter
  • Kevin Newman
  • Linda Marsden
  • Stan Ackerley
  • Lynda Henderson
  • Steve Hyland
  • Lori Lehane
  • Mary Martin
  • Anne Priestley
  • Margaret Stepniewski
  • Ray Wood
  • Joyce O'Farrell
  • Janet Cromb
  • Peter Leek
  • Warren Smith
  • Maxwell Friend
  • Barbara Shorthouse
  • Adrian Fisher
  • Robyn Rance
  • Hazel Fraser
  • Kristy Funnell
  • Mavis Johns
  • Josie Carey
  • Dale Pope
  • Kathy Rae
  • Carmen Boserio
  • Pauline Beville Anderson
  • Christine Barridge
  • Laurie Hodge
  • Debbie Page
  • Mary Blackwell
  • Joseph Harman
  • Shirley Delaney
  • Christopher Harris
  • Shirley Satur
  • Lyn Foster
  • Alan Moran
  • Debbie Pabian
  • Therese Nash
  • Rev. Neil Checkley
  • Elizabeth Dodd
  • Bruce Hirst
  • Ross Hutchison
  • Margaret Smelt
  • Jenny Yeo
  • Lyn Forde
  • Mary Gruevski
  • Renie Healey
  • Jan Holt
  • Jill Huber
  • Ralph Jenner
  • John Kelaher
  • Charles Kimmings
  • Ronald May
  • Corrie Monsma
  • Pamela Oliver
  • Ray Radford
  • Anne Stratton
  • Jean Turner
  • Joan Wilkinson
  • Doreen Wills
  • Gwen Turnbull
  • Naomi Hadfield
  • Valda Silvy
  • Delva White
  • Ian Bartlett
  • David Betts
  • Thomas Fink
  • Kerrie Gane
  • Douglas Hayne
  • Kevin Stone
  • Pat Trewin
  • Melinda Vernon
  • Jeremy Walzak
  • Rodney Watson
  • Peter Albee
  • Margaret Borland
  • Noel Borland
  • Richard Brooks
  • Yvonne Cassidy
  • Paul Fitzpatrick
  • Noelene Hawks
  • Wendy Herne
  • Janice Jackson
  • Greg Marshall
  • Janice Masters
  • Peter McGhee
  • Nathan Pentecost
  • Jennifer Piggott
  • Alf Randell
  • Nathan Rennie
  • Mary Rigby
  • Norma Thorburn
  • Cheryl Bannister
  • Jill Beckhaus
  • Victor Brangwin
  • Charles Connelly
  • Barbara Curran
  • Jacqueline Holmes
  • Helen Kennett
  • Max Laughton
  • Don Lawless
  • Elysian Mitchell
  • Mona Pizarro
  • Stan Rossatto
  • Mavis Reynolds
  • Margaret Smith
  • Ted Baker
  • Joyce Bellchambers
  • Joe Donovan
  • Lorraine Fletcher
  • Lila Fowler
  • Vic Gallen
  • George Gyford
  • Betty Keavy
  • Peter Luke
  • Tomoko Ward
  • Pat Yates
  • Sue Adams
  • Marjorie Ambrose
  • Pat Ceballos
  • Lily Cowen
  • Joseph Fawkes
  • Don Feltis
  • Bruce Hollier
  • Mavis Lamrock
  • Judith Marshall
  • Patricia Mills
  • Graham Seaman
  • Jennifer Bounds
  • John Bounds
  • Faye Burns
  • Graham Elphick
  • David Foote
  • Dorothy Fuller
  • Beverley Guy
  • Glenda Hale
  • Rodger MacDonald
  • Graham Masters
  • Gordon Piper
  • Dorothy Radford
  • Neil Renaud
  • Ida Sharpe
  • Jennifer Young
  • Roy Blatch
  • Ross Bootle
  • Helen Dixon
  • Ray Gallagher
  • Roma Grace
  • Betty Hargreaves
  • Jim Hepburn
  • Brian Lamrock
  • Judith Littlebury
  • Sylvia Mathews
  • Harry Mills
  • Hilda Murray
  • Lorna Parr
  • Sr Mary-Louise Petro
  • Mary Pike
  • Barbara Quigg
  • Maurice Reddan
  • Maurice Renshaw
  • Margaret Russell
  • Grace Selway
  • Trevor Wholohan

See Awards that Penrith Council has won.

Penrith Valley Sports Foundation Sportstar Awards

Penrith Valley Sports Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation established to support and promote athlete development, holds monthly Junior and Senior Sportstar Awards. If you are nominated and are selected as the Sportstar of the Month there is a monetary award. Monthly winners are then eligible to be considered for the Junior or Senior Sportstar of the Year awarded at the annual Sports Awards Dinner, held in September.

Find out more on the Penrith Valley Sports Foundation website.