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Our Place focuses on what’s unique about living in Penrith: our enviable lifestyle, excellent sporting and recreation facilities, green open spaces, vibrant local events and the many local opportunities for families to learn, grow and exercise.

Our Place champions what makes our City different, and helps residents feel more connected, regardless of what stage of life or what part of Penrith you are in.

Seasonal editions will focus on the best local stories and activities for each autumn, winter, spring and summer.

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    Envisioning Our Future City of Parks

    09 March 2020

    Breaking away from the concrete jungles of the Inner City, Penrith will become one of the most liveable places in Metropolitan Sydney and beyond.

    From your kitchen to our City's parks

    09 March 2020

    Many of us don’t know, but the Penrith area has one of the most sustainable, forward-thinking waste systems in NSW. Only a handful of local Councils offer it across the state, and Penrith is the only one in the Sydney Metropolitan area. It’s called Food Organics and Garden Organics, or FOGO for short.

    How Our Community is Helping the Bush to Recover

    09 March 2020

    We’ve all heard the crushing number – one billion native animals killed and over 15 million acres of habitat lost in the horror of last summer’s bushfires. But as fierce as that loss was, the response has been just as powerful: these are stories of some local heroes, and how you can help.