Report a Problem or Complaint

Report a Problem or Complaint

Report a dog attack to Council on 4732 7777 or to the police as soon as possible.  

Report animal cruelty to the Animal Welfare League on 8777 3300 or RSPCA on 9770 7555.

If a barking dog in your neighbourhood is causing a problem for you, try talking to the dog owner first if possible. You can lodge a complaint with Council using our Community or Neighbour Disputes and Grievances form. To help us investigate and help resolve the problem, we'll ask you to fill in a Barking Dog Diary.

Enquire about your lost cat or dog - call Hawkesbury Animal Shelter (Mulgrave Rd, McGraths Hill) on 4560 4644.

Report an animal you've found - call Council's Animal Services on 4732 7543 during business hours.