Our River Project

Our River Project

What is the Our River Project?

The "Our River" Nepean River Master Plan (Clouston Associates 2013) provides Penrith City Council with a strategic framework for the management of the river reach and associated infrastructure servicing the River Precinct. The Master Plan identified the need for future design management of these infrastructure elements, together with the management of vegetation within the River Precinct. The Master Plan provides Penrith City Council and the community with a framework for the future stewardship of the city’s river reach. It is the blueprint for the next 20+ years of expenditure on the Nepean River precinct.

Read the Final Our River Masterplan, endorsed by Council in November 2013. It will be implemented in stages and as funding is available:

  • improving views and access to the river
  • improving health and amenity of the river and surrounding area
  • expanding Regatta Park into a flexible, multi-purpose events and festival space, and
  • upgrading Tench Reserve.

The draft "Our River" Masterplan was on public exhibition throughout September 2013. Thank you to everyone who had your say, through the online form, by email, mail or in person.

Read the Community Engagement summary report or contact us if you would like to see the full Community Engagement report.

During the Our River Masterplan consultation, the community told us that management of vegetation along the river corridor needed special attention.

In NSW the management of riparian and aquatic ecosystems is coordinated under a series of State and Federal legislative frameworks. Council is required to comply with relevant legislation when making decisions about the river corridor.

Council has begun to implement the key actions of the Our River Masterplan and has responded to community priorities by beginning the preparation of a dedicated Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) for the Our River area. Council appointed Eco Logical consultants to investigate the river precinct and work with the community to prepare the VMP. See the VMP Community Workshop report.

Alongside development of the dedicated VMP, Council also wanted to update the existing Plans of Management (POM) for the Nepean River reserves.

The study area for the VMP and Plan of Management includes reserves on the both the east and west riverbanks including Tench Reserve, River Road reserve, Weir Reserve and Regatta Park. See the Plan of Management for Tench Reserve, River Road Reserve and Weir Reserve and the Regatta Park Plan of Management.

The study area for the VMP and Plan of Management includes reserves on both the east and west riverbanks including Tench Reserve, Weir Reserve, River Road and Regatta Park East.

The VMP includes maps, lists of plant species and other information that will guide Council and the community on how vegetation in different areas within the corridor should be managed to ensure the community desire for a healthy, accessible river can be achieved.

The VMP outlines how to achieve the Our River Masterplan principles while addressing key constraints and opportunities. To achieve this, a balance between habitat improvement and public amenity is needed. The VMP also explains current legislation around vegetation removal and identifies opportunities for the community to be actively involved in caring for the river corridor.

Council is required under the Local Government Act to prepare a POM for its public reserves. The updated PoM provides Council with a prioritised framework for managing the reserves over the next 5 years and will help Council secure funding and resources to deliver the outcomes set out in Our River Masterplan. Together these plans will address issues including amenity, flooding and bank stability, biodiversity, litter and identify threatened species and habitats.

The Vegetation Management Plan and updated Plans of Management for Council's river reserves were on public exhibition from 29 August to 26 September 2014. All feedback on the plans was considered and will help direct further Our River projects.

The Great River Walk offers stunning scenery along the Hawkesbury-Nepean River.  

Get more information on the Great River Walk page.

The third round of the highly successful Digital (DiG) Space Mentorship and Residency Program has concluded with the delivery of an innovative and immersive project (NepeanRIVR360) that celebrates the natural beauty and social connectivity of the Nepean River.

Get more information on the NepeanRIVR360 project.

Regatta Park Upgrade


Have Your Say and what you would like to see in the Regatta Park playground

Penrith City Council is calling on the local community to have their say on the design of a new playground as part of the $24 million enhancement of Regatta Park.

Council is calling on Penrith residents to tell us what they would like to see included in the new playground through the Your Say Penrith online portal before 21 February 2020.

Plans for an upgrade to Regatta Park will continue to improve amenity and access to the Nepean River and attract more visitors to Penrith.

The preliminary design shows how Council will transform the current site into a beautiful open space that will bring extensive benefits to residents and visitors to Penrith through the delivery of a large green recreational space with improved access to the Nepean River for the community to enjoy.

The project is jointly funded with $15 million from the Australian and NSW Governments as part of the Western Sydney City Deal’s Livability Program and $9 million from Council.

Council’s long-held plans to maximise the potential of Regatta Park will give a further boost to this well-loved part of Penrith which is already complemented by the popular Yandhai Nepean Crossing, the expanding east bank dining precinct and the redevelopment of Emu Hall into a restaurant and bar.

The park will feature event and festival areas, picnic spaces, river terraces and a large playground for children with expansive views of the Nepean River.

Go to Your Say Penrith to comment on the Regatta Park design before 21 February 2020 and tell us what you would like to see in the playground.

Regatta Park Artist Impression

Regatta Park Artist Impression

A $24 million upgrade will transform Regatta Park into an activated destination for events, recreation and leisure.

Artist impression of the proposed Regatta Park site plan

Draft plan of the proposed Regatta Park upgrades

Current Projects

Download the Nepean River Precinct Map to view the locations of the three projects listed below.

Tench Avenue Path Works (Stage 1)

STATUS: Completed

Council has designed and constructed new shared path along Tench Avenue, just south of Jamison Road.

We committed to completing the path in stages as part of the Our River Master Plan. Funds for Stage 1 of this project were provided through the Metropolitan Greenspace Program, traffic share-use program and Section 7.11 district open space funds.

The works included:

  • construction of 160m of shared footpath and all associated works 
  • construction of stormwater drainage 
  • construction of a new bus stop 
  • construction of new kerbs and gutter, road pavement, bollards and fencing 
  • landscaping and furniture.

Tench Reserve Stage 1

Tench Avenue Path Works (Stage 2)

STATUS: Completed

Council has also completed the construction of additional shared path between Jamison Road and the M4 Overpass.

The works included:

  • construction of over 800m of shared footpath and all associated works 
  • construction of stormwater drainage and gross pollutant trap 
  • construction of a new bus stop 
  • construction of new kerbs and gutter, road pavement, bollards and fencing 
  • landscaping and furniture.

Funds for Stage 2 was provided through the ‘Walking Communities’ – NSW Government Priority Funding Program.

Tench Reserve Stage 2

Parkland Path

STATUS: Completed

Council is undertaking design and construction of new accessible parkland paths through Tench Park. Funds for the Tench Park path works is provided through the Metropolitan Greenspace Program (MGP) and Council contributions.

Tench Reserve Parkland Path

Waters Edge Deck Construction

STATUS: Completed

The Project involves design and construction of new waters edge decks along the Nepean River. The Project involves the construction of two new waters edge decks in Tench Reserve and one waters edge deck along River Road, opposite Lewers Gallery

Construction is expected to commence early 2019.

The design and investigation was funded through a Better Boating Round 1 grant. Construction of the water’s edge decks is joint funded through a Better Boating Round 2 grant in addition to Council section 7.11 (formerly Section 94) Great River Walk funds.

Tench Reserve Waters Edge Deck Construction

New Boat Ramp and Trailer Parking

STATUS: Completed

Council has upgraded the boating facilities at Tench Reserve, Jamisontown. The works are an important element of Council’s Our River Masterplan, and are being jointly funded by the Australian Government and the NSW Boating Now infrastructure program. The works included:

  • a new 3 lane boat ramp
  • 34 new boat trailer parking bays
  • new access roads
  • 10 new vehicle parking bays
  • new jetties along the foreshore, including connection to the existing jetty
  • new footpaths, stairs, balustrades and fencing
  • landscaping and lighting.

Tench Reserve Boat Ramp Artists Impression

‘Old’ boat ramp closure

A new boat ramp and additional trailer parking has been constructed and is operating. The old boat ramp will close to reduce congestion and improve safety between boat trailers and other groups within the park such as pedestrians, 

passing vehicles and tour operations. 

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Wharf Precinct

STATUS: Design phase

Council is currently preparing detailed design and documentation for the “Our River” Tench Reserve Wharf Precinct. Once the new boat ramp and trailer parking facilities are commissioned, the old boat ramp and access roads can be redeveloped into the Wharf Precinct zone. This project will deliver a design for future use of the old boat ramp zone and will be progressively implemented as construction funds become available. The works will address the safety, congestion and accessibility in this highly activated part of the park as well as provide improved passive recreation opportunities and create potential event spaces. The scope of the Wharf Precinct will include paths, steps and key service links to provide accessible connections between high activity areas (boat ramp, future playground, and street and water tourism operations). In addition, the river foreshore will be upgraded to an urban, operational and accessible promenade edge improving access to the wharf structure and become a waterside feature. Due to the topography, terracing and retaining walls will further enhance the park. Other park enhancements will include new amenities, furniture, feature lighting, public art, signage and landscaping. This design project is jointly funded by Council and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development through the Community Development Grants Program.

Tench Reserve Wharf Precinct

Perspective view of the Wharf Precinct

Rowing Dock Extension

STATUS: Completed

Council has undertaken design and construction work associated with the extension to the rowing dock at Weir Reserve. The scope of works included design and construction of the rowing dock and all associated works, installation of rollers to assist with launching ‘tinny’ coaching boats into and out of water and asphalting between new deck and existing footpath. The rowing dock upgrade was funded through the Australian Government’s Community Development Grants (CDG) programme which funds community infrastructure projects across Australia. The works are in accordance with the progressive implementation of the “Our River” Master Plan. The Works are located in the Weir Reserve area, near by the Nepean Rowing Club, on the banks of the Nepean River. Access is via Bruce Neil Drive.

Weir Reserve Rowing Dock Extension

Leonay Gully Bank Stabilisation and Stormwater Treatment

STATUS: Completed

This project is part of a series of works designed to enhance and restore the natural environment along the banks of the Nepean River. A series of stepped basins help slow down the water in the gully and prevent erosion, with planting in the basins improving water quality. The site was actively eroding and would have seen further loss of river bank soils, ongoing public safety issues and a further reduction in the aesthetic appeal of the recreation area/waterway and nearby streetscape. Appropriate engineering treatments coupled with revegetation works were constructed in line with the objectives of the Our River Riparian Vegetation Management Plan (EcoLogical 2015) and the Plans of Management for Tench Reserve, River Road Reserve and Weir Reserve (EcoLogical 2015).

The works involved:

  • removal of introduced trees
  • excavations
  • export and import of sandstone boulders, aggregates and soil
  • reconstruction of banks
  • construction of a series of stormwater treatment rock lining for the channel bed and toe of bank
  • planting works (wetland plantings and low native groundcovers and grasses)

Leonay Gully

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