NSW Planning Documents

NSW Planning Documents

The NSW Government has a number of policies and strategies for housing supply, creating jobs and providing infrastructure. These policies and strategies are available on NSW Planning and Environment's website

Plan for Growing Sydney (the Sydney metropolitan strategy) was released in December 2014 and is the NSW Government’s 20-year plan for the Sydney Metropolitan Area. It provides direction for Sydney’s productivity, environmental management, and liveability; and for the location of housing, employment, infrastructure and open space.

The NSW Government established the Western Sydney Employment Area to provide businesses in the region with land for industry and employment, catering for transport and logistics, warehousing and office space. Located about 50 km from the Sydney central business district, the Western Sydney Employment Area gives these businesses access to roads and utility services and is close to the planned new airport at Badgerys Creek.

A draft Structure Plan for the Broader Western Sydney Employment Area was released in June 2013 and outlines a broad framework for the area including the location of future employment land and centres, a road network, potential freight and transport corridors and staging scenarios. 

The draft Structure Plan, and supporting information, can be downloaded from the Department of Planning and Environment's website

The NSW Government is seeking feedback from the public on the future development of Penrith Lakes Parklands in a major development proposal for Western Sydney.  On 4 December 2014, Minister for Sport and Recreation Stuart Ayres announced the release of a Draft Vision Plan for Penrith Lakes Parkland (the Plan).

The Plan states that it has been developed to: 
• Get the community involved and seek ideas and input about what it would like to see at Penrith Lakes 
• Provide information about some of the opportunities and challenges the site presents and which need to be addressed 
• Provide some initial ideas about possible future uses for key areas of the site for consideration and feedback 
• Get the community thinking which areas are the priority for delivery.

The Plan can be downloaded from the Office of Sport - Penrith Lakes website.

The NSW Government's community consultation ended on 30 April 2015 and it is now considering submissions. For further information on the Plan, contact the Office of Penrith Lakes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 8754 7928

The following are adopted Precinct Plans for the St Marys Release Area:

South Dunheved Precinct Plan 2007

Part 1: Introduction and Planning Controls
Part 2: Site Characteristics and Development Principles
Part 3: Framework Plan and Environmental Management Strategies
Part 4: Subdivision Design and Built Form Controls

Central Precinct - Precinct Plan and Development Control Strategy

Western Precinct - Precinct Plan and Development Control Strategy

The NSW Government has its own set of planning documents known as State Environmental Planning Policies and Sydney Regional Environmental Plans.  These documents generally deal with issues such as infrastructure or the provision of affordable homes or seniors housing.  They sometimes apply to a specific issue or area such as the Hawkesbury Nepean River or the Penrith Lakes Scheme.

Some of the plans applying to Penrith include: