Compost Giveaway

Compost Giveaway

To say thank you to the members of our community who have demonstrated an outstanding standard of waste sorting with their household 3-bin system, we are giving away bags of compost for free.


If you received a ‘Well done’ tag on your green-lidded FOGO bin, we have recognised you and your household as being champion waste sorters in our community.
Complete the form below to enter the draw for a chance to win a bag of compost! Winners will be randomly selected and contacted at the end of each month.

Please ensure your details are correct so we can get in touch with you if you are chosen.

Enter for a chance to win 

To find out more about how to sort your waste correctly, visit  or for more information on other Waste Services we provide, visit

Terms and Conditions: One entry per household. If your household is nominated as a winner, you are eligible to one bag of compost per household. Once you have won, you are not eligible for re-entry. Giveaway lasts until all compost is allocated.

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