Council Election

Council Election

May 2018 By-election results

The official declaration of the polls on 16 May 2018 saw us welcome the two new Councillors elected from Saturday's by-election, Brian Cartwright in South Ward and Robin Cook in East ward.

Download the 2018 By-election report

You can see the detailed vote counts below:

May 2018 By-election

Voting closed at 6pm on Saturday, 12 May 2018 in the by-election to elect one candidate each for the East and South Wards of Council. Please see the Notice of Contested Election for the East and South Ward.

The Australian Election Company conducted the by-elections for Council. Comprehensive information on the conduct of this election can be found at the Australian Election Company’s website.

If you're enrolled as a NSW elector, and would like to get an email or text message reminder whenever a local government or state election is coming up, you can register on the Service NSW website for the NSW Electoral Reminder Facility.

On Saturday 10 September 2016, the local government election of Councillors took place in Penrith, administered by the Australian Election Company.

Final Election Results

The next Local Government Election will be held in September 2020.

Conduct of the 2016 Election Report

This report has been prepared in accordance with the Council's obligations under Section 393A of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 which requires the General Manager to Report on the Election.

Download the Conduct of the 2016 Election Report.