Saving our Species: Persoonia nutans

Saving our Species: Persoonia nutans

We’ve partnered with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) to work towards securing the future of the endangered Nodding Geebung (Persoonia nutans) found within the Penrith local government area under the NSW Government’s Saving our Species (SoS) program.

We have been working together in a successful collective partnership with DPE at Castlereagh Reserve, Rickabys Creek Reserve and Berkshire Park Recreation Ground, where populations of the Nodding Geebung are found and are thriving well. We are managing and conserving this species by:

  • Undertaking targeted threatened plant survey and habitat assessment
  • Augmenting the existing population by planting additional ex-situ propagated plants
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Installation of fences to mitigate habitat destruction
  • Installing signage to protect core habitat areas
  • Controlling weeds and non-natives
  • Community engagement

What can you do?

Many threatened plants and animals have large sections of their habitat on privately owned lands, which means the conservation of these lands is crucial for their survival.

Whilst we are working hard on Council land to protect this species, you can help too! Private landholders can protect populations, of Nodding Geebung or other threatened plant species found on their property. Please contact either:

  • The Saving our Species team at 
  • The Hawkesbury-Nepean Landcare Coordinator at

Get involved

If you are interested in joining us to help protect threatened species, contact us at

Find out what we’ve been doing to help conserve this species!

This is how we're conserving the Persoonia nutans.

Yellow drooping flowers shaped like bells.

Persoonia nutans, commonly known as the Nodding Geebung, is a shrub to 2.5m tall with yellow drooping flowers. Image provided by the Saving our Species program.

A team member checking the viability of the seeds at a desk in a lab.

The Persoonia nutans seeds were tested prior to propagation to check viability by the Royal Botanic Gardens Australia.

A small group of people out in the bushland checking the soils.

Field work was undertaken prior to planting to pick the best locations for planting which included checking the soils for suitability.

A small group of people in the bushland assessing and recording the seeds found.

All existing Persoonia nutans found across these sites were assessed, tagged, recorded, and measured.