Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan - Local Roads Package

Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan - Local Roads Package

The Australian Government is funding a $200 million Local Roads Package as part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan linked to the development of the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

Coreen Avenue Intersection Upgrades

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Project scope: Penrith City Council is planning to upgrade intersections along the Coreen Avenue corridor, between Castlereagh Road and Lemongrove Road, to improve the overall efficiency and safety of the road for all users and also ensure it can cater for future traffic demands. The Australian Government has committed $13.4 million towards this project in the fourth round of the Local Roads Package.

Project phase: Design

For more information visit yoursaypenrith.com.au/coreenavenueupgrade.

Erskine Park Road Upgrade - Completed

Erskine Park Road is safer and more efficient thanks to a $27 million upgrade funded by Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan - Local Roads Package. This upgrade widened the road to a four-lane dual carriageway between Bennett Road and Explorers Way to join the existing four-lane sections towards the M4 Motorway and Swallow Drive.

Other features of this upgrade included new signalised intersections at Erskine Park Road/Bennett Road and Erskine Park Road/ Explorers Way and new seagull intersections at Erskine Park Road/Peppertree Drive and Erskine Park Road/Coonawarra Drive. The works commenced in November 2018 and finished in June 2021.

Project Benefits

  • Enhance the regional road link between the new Airport and Regional Centre of Penrith
  • Enhance the regional road link between the new Airport at Badgerys Creek and M4 Motorway
  • Improve traffic flow
  • Improve the efficiency of signalised intersections by increasing right turn and left turn capacity and widening intersection approaches
  • Manage congestion and reducing delays to all traffic modes including to heavy vehicles

Caddens Road Upgrade - Completed

A $12.5 million upgrade linking Caddens Road in Claremont Meadows with the Werrington Arterial Road was completed in early 2022. The $12.5 million upgrade was funded by the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan - Local Roads Package. Features of this upgrade included road widening, a shared user path, new roundabout, new bus stop and bus shelters and new street lights. 

Project Benefits

  • Providing better connectivity to the east to maximise travel time saving brought about by the recently upgraded Kent Road and Gipps St
  • Improved collector road link to Bringelly Road to the west to support future land release and growth in the surrounding areas.
  • Better access to Western Sydney Airport via Bringelly Road and The Northern Road.
  • Improving road safety and drive quality.
  • Improving pedestrian and cyclist access and Improving lighting in the area to cater for expected increase in pedestrian and cyclist activities at night.