Current Projects

Current Projects

Our Bushland Management team manages a variety of exciting projects that have a positive impact on our community, from our beloved tree planting days, grant projects, and working with professional animal rehabilitators.

Creating Canopies

Council is partnering with Greater Sydney Landcare from 2023 to 2025 to improve the quality of our bushland, provide habitat for our beloved wildlife such as birds, and, over time, increase the green canopy to help cool and shade the area.

Cumberland Plain Improvement Project and Nursery Upgrade

Council has received $5.06 million in funding to support the greening of our City through the NSW Government’s WestInvest program.

Fauna boxes

In mid-2023, our Bushland and Biodiversity teams monitored multiple habitat boxes across eight Council reserves. The habitat boxes were designed for a range of species, including gliders, parrots, bats, possums, pardalotes and microbats.

Fish Habitat Resnagging Project

Penrith Council and the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) restored fish habitat at Emu Green Reserve and Fowler Reserve with this award-winning project.

Habitat Restoration Event Series

The Habitat Restoration event series focuses on eight bushland reserves within the Penrith Local Government Area (LGA) which contain one or more threatened flora species. We’re inviting community members and volunteers to come along and plant trees and remove weeds to help restore habitat in these areas.

Keeping up with River Road

Council launched two River Road focused groups in May 2022 — the Working Group and the Bushcare Group — and we’d like to tell you all about what they’ve been up to and how to get involved!

Penrith plants feeding Western Sydney Zoo animals

Penrith Council has teamed up with the Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney for an innovative project involving the collection of branches and shrubs containing leaves, barks and shoots from both native plant and weed species to provide additional snacks for the zoo’s animals. Council is the first council to donate weeds found in their Local Government Area.

Possums released in the wild

In early December 2021, we released four ringtail possum joeys into a Council bushland reserve with the help of their wildlife carer. Read about how we did it!

Saving our Species: Persoonia nutans

We’ve partnered with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) to work towards securing the future of the endangered Nodding Geebung (Persoonia nutans), under the NSW Government’s Saving our Species (SoS) program. Check out what we’ve been doing to help conserve this species.

Trees for Mum and Trees for Dad

Our beloved Trees for Mum and Trees for Dad events are two of our most anticipated community events.