Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement & Local Environmental Plan Review

Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement & Local Environmental Plan Review

As a great place to live, work and play, our City has an important role in Sydney’s future. The Penrith local government area (LGA) continues to evolve and Council is seeking input from the community to help shape future plans for the City.

Council will be working with the local community to develop a draft Penrith Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) and to review and update the existing Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

Draft Penrith LSPS and LEP Review

The first step in this process is creating Council’s draft Penrith LSPS, which will describe the vision and priorities for land use across Penrith City. It will outline the special character and values of the place and how they will be managed into the future.

The draft Penrith LSPS will draw together planning priorities identified at state, regional, district and local levels and look at how to manage the challenges the local area will face over the next 20 years. It will also consider how the existing controls in Council’s LEP, which zones land across Penrith, may need to change to meet the community’s needs. The LEP will be supported by development control plans, contributions plans, place based planning strategies and growth management strategies.

Although we haven’t had to prepare a Penrith LSPS before, we’ve already talked to you about community priorities and aspirations for our City. Community involvement in the Community Plan, Community Satisfaction Survey, the Neighbourhood Renewal Program, the Disability Inclusion Action Plan and annual reviews of Council’s strategic plans, have offered important insights into local opportunities and challenges. Feedback from a recent online survey and community panel meeting has also helped Council create the draft Penrith LSPS.

During these recent community conversations you shared your concerns about Penrith’s changing population and the effect this has on local infrastructure, as well as the impact of planning and development in rural areas. Among other priorities, you identified the need for improved pathways, cycling and road networks. You want more sustainable development, green infrastructure and solutions to urban heat. You would like more open space, play and recreational facilities, additional parking in the city centre and at train stations, improved availability and affordability of housing in local area and the protection of the natural environment. All these things have been considered when preparing the draft Penrith LSPS.

Have your say

The draft Penrith LSPS is now on public exhibition – this means you have the opportunity to review it and give your feedback.  You can review the draft Penrith LSPS online here.