Development Contributions Plans

Development Contributions Plans

A Development Contributions Plan (also known as a Local infrastructure contributions plan) is a public document that enables Council to levy new development to fund additional local infrastructure and services needed by that development. This infrastructure typically includes facilities such as parks, community facilities, roads and drainage. A Contributions Plan describes Council's policy for assessing, collecting, spending and administering development contributions. The making of these Plans is enabled by section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, which is the State legislation that governs this issue. Development Contributions Plans were previously known as “section 94 Plans” until the Act was amended in March 2018.

Development Contributions Plans detail:

  • the area of Penrith City subject to the Plan
  • the type of development to which the Plan applies
  • the facilities that are likely to be needed as a result of the development
  • the cost of the contribution applying to such development; and
  • the link between the new development, the facilities needed and the associated costs.

Council can only use development contributions for the purpose for which they were collected under the Contributions Plan.

Development Contribution Plans applying to all of or parts of Penrith City include:

Current Contribution Rates

The following Development Contributions Plans have been repealed and no longer apply to new development. These plans still apply to any valid, existing development consents issued under these plans.

Development Contribution Plan Boundary Map​

Development contributions plans map

Development Contribution Register

Development contribution register