Waste Strategy

Waste Strategy

Council adopted the Penrith Waste and Resource Strategy (2017-2026) in September 2017, to help us develop systems and practices that:

  • Reduce waste generation to 7.5 kg/capita/week by 2021
  • Achieve 70% diversion of waste from landfill by 2021
  • Provide solutions for household problem waste by 2021
  • Reduce incidence of litter
  • Reduce incidence of illegal dumping
  • Participate in regional contracts and services where appropriate

The strategy details a staged approach to introducing waste services and waste treatment processes to meet the waste service needs of the community, increase environmental outcomes and reduce the financial impact of waste management on the community.

The Western Sydney Regional Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2014–2017 is helping Western Sydney councils work together to reduce the waste we produce and send to landfill. The strategy has 6 main targets:

  • Avoid and reduce waste generation
  • Increase recycling
  • Divert more waste from landfill
  • Manage problem wastes better
  • Reduce litter and illegal dumping
  • Improve regional governance

Download the Western Sydney Regional Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy (2014–2017) and brochure. 
To find out more about the strategy, contact the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) on 9671 4333 or visit the WSROC website

Litter is one of them most visual forms of pollution and wasted resources, and is a growing challenge for most communities. In addition to its impact on the visual and asthetic value of our local environment, litter has significant environmental, social, hazardous and economic impacts. 
The Penrith Litter Management Strategy aims to take a proactive , multi-pronged and coordinated approach to reducing levels of litter across City by focusing on education, litter collection and infrastructure, regulation and enforcement, volunteering and partnering. 

For more information, download Penrith's Litter Management Strategy (2013-2016).