Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste

What is Electronic Waste

What is e-waste?

E-waste is any old, broken and unwanted electrical items with an electric cord or a battery, including; computers, monitors, mice, keyboards, cables, cameras, CD drives, clock radios, DVD players, electric blankets, electrical power tools, electronic games/toys, fans, fax machines, floppy discs, grooming devices, hard drives, iPod, juicers, kitchen appliances, mixers, monitors, networking equipment, notebooks, personal electrical devices, printers and printer cartridges, projectors, scanners, mobile phones, stereos, TVs, VCR players, video cameras, WIFI modems and more.

Why is it important to take your e-waste to the right place?

It is essential that we recycle e-waste items responsibly because sending them to landfill takes up a huge amount of unnecessary space, and some components can be toxic to the environment if not disposed of correctly. E-waste is responsible for 70% of toxic chemicals found in landfill and 23,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

For more information about e-waste click here to download our guide.

What can you do to reduce e-waste?

Thankfully, lots!
Reuse - if it is in working order, consider selling it on an online marketplace or donating it to a Pay it Forward service or charity. You can also buy refurbished items when looking to purchase electrical items.

Repair - often things like kitchen appliances are an easy fix.

Recycle – The RecyclingNearYou website gives a list of locations to drop off items in Penrith. All items taken to the Penrith's Community Recycling Centre or Council’s E-waste Drop-off Day will be disassembled, sorted, and recovered for recycling, 98% of the components in your computer or television can be fully recycled, reused and disposed of responsibly!

Thanks, Penrith for never wasting a chance to take your e-waste to the right place.

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Electronic Waste Drop-Off Day

Do you have unwanted, broken or old electronic items you’ve been waiting to dispose of correctly? Pack these into the boot of your vehicle and bring them to one of our drop-off days at The Kingsway Playing Fields carpark in Werrington and they will go to the right place to be recycled or reused. 

When is the next event?

The next E-waste Drop-off event will be 16 March 2024 from 9am – 3:30pm at The Kingsway Playing Fields in Werrington. 

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Pack your old televisions, computers, microwaves, stereos and other electronic waste in your car or trailer. The friendly staff will unload for you and the items collected will be recycled. All items dropped off at the event are disassembled, sorted and recovered for recycling into new products. Scavenging is not permitted.

Please safely pack drop-off items into the boot of your car or your trailer, come to the event and remain inside of your vehicle. The friendly staff will unpack your boot or trailer to ensure a safe distance is maintained at all times.

We can accept:

  • computers and related products including monitors, mice, keyboards
  • cables
  • cameras
  • cd drives
  • clock radios
  • DVD players
  • electric blankets
  • electrical power tools
  • electronic games/toys
  • fax machines
  • floppy discs
  • grooming devices
  • hard drives
  • iPod
  • juicers
  • mixers
  • monitors
  • networking equipment
  • notebooks
  • personal electrical devices
  • printers and printer cartridges
  • projectors
  • scanners
  • stereos
  • TVs
  • VCR players
  • video cameras
  • mp3 players

We can't accept:

  • Gas bottles
  • Household batteries
  • Car batteries
  • Large speakers from sound systems
  • Whitegoods including car fridges
  • Air conditioners
  • BBQs 
  • Petrol-powered small appliances and tools 
  • Edgers and trimmers 

Some of these items may be accepted at the Chemical CleanOut events or in a bulky waste collection. For more information on how to dispose of these and other items, see the A-Z of Waste & Recycling.

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Other ways to recycle

If you can’t make it to an e-waste drop off day, the Penrith Community Recycling Centre is open year-round and accepts household quantities of e-waste.