Commercial Waste Management 

Commercial Waste Management 

Commercial Waste Management 

Penrith City Council is committed to leading the way in waste innovation, and we know our community is as committed to being leaders in waste as we are. That’s why we want to help local businesses do the right thing with their waste and continue sending it to the right place even while at work.

We know that waste generation within a workplace is often unavoidable and that every business is unique in their waste disposal needs. Whether you’re a café producing food waste or a store with an excess of cardboard from stock deliveries, Penrith’s Commercial Waste Service can cater to your needs. 

Service Options 

Our commercial waste management plans are individualised, that means we tailor your plan to suit your business’s needs. As a part of our assessment process for your commercial service, our friendly Waste and Resource Recovery Team can conduct site inspections and a detailed client consultation on request to ensure we understand what you need from your service.

Some of our most common service types are listed below. Alternative collection frequencies and bin sizes can be discussed with Council as part of your business’s waste management plan.

Bin Type Bin Size Collection Frequency Presentation
Residual waste bin
(for general waste that can’t be recycled or composted)
140L or 240L Weekly or Fortnightly Kerbside
Recycling bin
(for paper, cardboard, bottles, cans and other recyclable material)
240L or 360L Fortnightly Kerbside

FOGO bin  

(for food and garden organics)

240L Weekly Kerbside

Benefits of Penrith's Commercial Waste Service

The many benefits of a commercial waste service with Penrith City Council include:

  • Value for money: we provide a cost competitive service that is reliable and flexible to suit your business’s needs.
  • Hand tailoring to your business: by consulting with our clients, visiting workplaces and discussing current waste practices, we can develop personalised waste management plans that ensure our services meet your disposal requirements.
  • Best environmental practice: our range of resource recovery streams ensure that waste is recycled and re-used in the local community where possible. For instance, Penrith’s organic waste is recycled into high-grade compost for use on local parks and gardens, while recyclables like glass bottles can be repurposed for use in local roads and carparks.

How to apply

To discuss your business’s needs and arrange an assessment and site inspection, please contact our friendly Waste and Resource Recovery Team by phoning (02) 4732 7777, e-mailing or submitting a General Enquiry request through The Waste Spot.

If you are already aware of your requirements (including number of bins and bin sizes) please download and complete the application form. Once you have ensured all fields are filled in, please send your application form to