Rock Critters

Rock Critters

You’ll need to gather the things you need:

  • Rocks of various sizes (you’re going to want to paint on these)
  • Paints/crayons/paint textas
  • Eyes and wings (can be made with paper)
  • Sticks for the antennas
  • Blutac 

Once you’ve gathered what you need, you’re ready to make it!

  1. Gather the rocks you’re going to paint and wipe any dirt off of them with a damp cloth. After you’ve wiped your rocks clean, dry them.
  2. Choose a critter or nature-themed item to paint on it. We’ve chosen bees!  But you could do ladybugs, frogs, flowers, butterflies, or trees!.
  3. Paint a design on it! We recommend using paint pens, paint, chalk and even pastel crayons.
  4. Once you’ve finished decorating your rock critters, place them in your garden to decorate your outdoor space. (You can even do a little garden tour and show the family all the critters you can now find!)

 rockcritter fb600