In our bushland areas, weeds smother natural vegetation and out-compete native plants for space, light and water. Weed invasion can alter fire regimes which can lead to risks to life and property, and they change nutrient cycling, animal diversity and hydrology. Weeds are considered a primary threat to the survival of endangered plant and animal species in NSW. NSW has nearly 1000 Threatened plant and animal species.  

If you have a question about weeds, please contact Council’s Bushcare team at

NSW WeedWise

Search over 300 weed profiles which includes distinguishing features, control options and biosecurity duties. 

Hawkesbury River County Council 

Hawkesbury River County Council (HRCC) is the regulatory authority that manages priority weeds across the four local government areas – Penrith, Blacktown, Hawkesbury, and The Hills. They control both terrestrial and aquatic priority weeds.

Priority Weeds

Under the Biosecurity Act 2015, a "priority weed" is a plant that has been assessed to cause severe economic loss to agriculture and significantly impact our natural and recreational environments. Priority weeds have been determined on state, regional and local levels.