Trees for Mum and Trees for Dad

Trees for Mum and Trees for Dad

Trees for Mum and Tree for Dad are two of our most anticipated community events every year. 

Trees for Mum is one of our longest and most cherished annual events, with Penrith City Council first celebrating the wonderful event in 2007. Penrith Council has remained the only organisation and council to celebrate the event since, and we take great pride in providing a lovely day for our residents and visitors to remember Mum, their grandmother, aunt and other figure on Mother’s Day. We’re proud that our Trees for Mum program is a Local Government NSW RH Dougherty Excellence in Communications Award 2023 winner for our 2022 communications program. 

Penrith Council was proud to introduce Trees for Dad in 2019 to celebrate our dads, grandfathers, uncles and father figures in the community. We were proud to create the event, with much of its inspiration credited to Trees for Mum. 

We look forward to these events every year as we love hearing the stories our residents and visitors outside of the Penrith local government area choose to share with our Bushcare team. Hearing your stories about your loved ones is a special part of the day, and we look forward to seeing you again. 


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