Creating Canopies

Creating Canopies

Penrith Council partnered with Greater Sydney Landcare on Landcare NSW’s Creating Canopies tree planting program.

Creating Canopies 2020-2022

The event series began in 2020 with great success, seeing 114 volunteers contribute over 400 hours planting 3,360 trees across three local Penrith sites for two years. These plants were installed at three locations: Mountain View Reserve in Cranebrook, Schoolhouse Creek in Regentville and South Creek in St Marys.

The before and after results below speak for themselves!

Mountain View Reserve

Left image: April 2021

Right image: October 2023

Mountain View Reserve in April 2021 mountain view 2

Schoolhouse Creek 

Left image: June 2021

Right image: November 2023

schoolhouse creek 1 schoolhouse creek 2

South Creek

Left image: October 2020

Right image: December 2023

south creek 1 south creek 2

Creating Canopies 2023-2025

Our second phase of the event series began in 2023 and will run to 2025. We kicked off the event at Grey Gums Reserve, Cranebrook in November 2023.

Penrith Mayor Todd Carney attended the event and commended the volunteers for coming out to the site, especially on a warm day to help conserve the bushland.  He was joined by Councillor Robin Cook and Landcare NSW CEO Turlough Guerin.

Penrith City supports 17% of the remaining bushland of the critically endangered Cumberland Plain in Western Sydney, so events like Creating Canopies are especially important to help conserve our local environment.

The trees and shrubs planted as part of the event will improve the quality of the bushland and biodiversity, provide habitat for animals such as birds, and over time increase the green canopy to help cool and shade the area, which forms a part of the Great West Walk. 

You can find out more about the kick-off at Grey Gums Reserve via the online media release.

Join us!

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The events are part of the Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney tree planting project. Landcare NSW and Greater Sydney Landcare are planting 200,000 trees as part of the Greening Our City program to help reduce urban heat in Greater Sydney. Proudly funded by the NSW government. 

creating canopies 79 creating canopies 88 creating canopies 93

Photo captions:

  • Cover photo: Landcare NSW CEO Turlough Guerin, Penrith Mayor Todd Carey and Councillor Robin Cook attended the morning event.
  • Image 1: Mayor Todd Carney planting a native plant at the event at Grey Gums
  • Image 2: Councillor Robin Cook and Mayor Todd Carney at the event.
  • Image 3: Participants planting native trees as part of the event.