Bushland Management

Bushland Management

Penrith has approximately 450 hectares of bushland across over 70 bushland reserves under the care, control and management of Penrith City Council. It consists of a series of floodplains, alluvial woodlands and shale plains with the spectacular Nepean River parallel to the western boundary.

Penrith bushland offers a diverse array of flora and fauna. There are around 500 species of indigenous plants, among them 13 vegetation communities; including the endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland of which only 9% of the original extent remains.

Our Bushland Management Program aims to restore and maintain an ecosystem in which natural regeneration can occur. This is done by using bush regeneration methods, such as weeding strategically, stabilising drainage lines, environmental burns, raising public awareness, reducing erosion, maintaining habitat and wildlife corridors.

Our approach to bushland management incorporates a multi-faceted approach incorporating Council bush regenerators, contractors, Bushcare program and grant funding.

Bushland Management Diagram

 Bushland management diagram  Bush Regeneration points to: Council staff Contractors On-ground bush regeneration Flora and fauna monitoring Weed control Revegetation Habitat monitoring e.g. hollow bearing trees, ground log habitat, habitat boxes  Bushcare Volunteer Program points to: Regular sessions Events Workshops Tree planting Guest speakers Guided walks and talks  Grant Projects points to: Ecological restoration projects Multidisciplinary partnerships, collaborations and engagement with stakeholders Involvement in broader, larger scale environmental initiatives and projects  Values of Bushland points to: Natural values Recreational values Aesthetic values Educational values