For the most up to date information on our Bushcare program, please refer to the latest edition of the Bushcare Bulletin.

What is Bushcare?

Bushcare is all about community volunteers working with Penrith Council to conserve and rehabilitate publicly owned natural bushland. There are over 200 volunteers who work at over 11 different sites throughout Penrith protecting the important Cumberland Plain Woodland.

Penrith has many areas of natural beauty, which is why it’s important we do our part to protect and conserve them. Penrith Council partners with local residents in preserving and maintaining these areas through our Bushcare program.

Most Bushcare groups work at set times throughout the year, for three or four hours each month. It's free to join a Bushcare group. Check out our flyer here.

What to expect 

Bushcare groups are a great way to get involved with your local environment. You don’t need to have years or any experience in Bushcare-type volunteer work to join. Check out our Bushcare Volunteering Fact Sheet.

What kind of activities do Bushcare groups participate in?

The Bushcare groups in Penrith have activities suitable for all levels of participation and experience. Tasks include weed control, seed collection, planting, plant identification, flora and fauna monitoring, erosion control, habitat restoration, weed mapping, restoration projects, litter collection and general site care.

What's provided on the day?

Tools, training and guidance in bush regeneration techniques, and morning or afternoon tea are provided!

What do I need to bring along?

It's recommended that you wear sturdy shoes, long pants and long sleeves, and bring along a hat, sunscreen and water.

Safe plans

All groups have a trained Council site supervisor to direct works as per a site-specific plan.

All tools are thoroughly and regularly cleaned as per Bushcare’s COVID-19 safe plan. 

Who can become a Bushcare Volunteer?

Bushcare is open to all ages. Children under 16 years of age are required to be supervised by an adult. No experience is needed! 

Become a Bushcare Volunteer 

  1. Check out the Bushcare site map and select a preferred site.
  2. Complete the online enquiry form.
  3. Council’s friendly Bushcare team will get in contact with you and book you into one of our regular Bushcare sessions
  4. Attend your first session and complete an on-site induction with one of our qualified supervisors. 

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Want to learn more why Bushcare does what it does? Check out the Bushcare Booster Training modules here.