New System for Parking Penalty Notices

New System for Parking Penalty Notices

Penrith City Council has transferred to Revenue NSW’s Print and Post system for parking infringement notices.

What does this change mean for me?

The new streamlined system means Council Rangers will capture the details of the offence, along with any relevant images, and upload them to Revenue NSW. The registered owner of the vehicle will then receive a penalty notice from Revenue NSW in the mail. Infringement notices will also be visible in your Service NSW online account and smartphone app.

What was the system we used before?

Prior to opting into Print and Post, parking infringements were mostly issued by receipt-style notices placed on car windshields, which could be impacted by passers-by or the weather.

How will this change benefit our community?

The Print and Post system creates consistency and clarity for members of the public, improves safety for Council staff, reduces complaints and streamlines the process.

This system is now in place for parking offences in Penrith City. There are no changes to parking time zones or locations, and Council remains committed to managing our City’s parking in the best interests of our shoppers, workers and commuters.