Child Safety Road Campaign

Child Safety Road Campaign

Slow down kids around imagePenrith Council in partnership with the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation launched a child road safety campaign with the installation of colourful signage in 46 key locations across the Penrith Local Government Area (LGA). The project was funded under the Local Government Road Safety Program.

The signage displays core pedestrian road safety messages such as “Hold My Hand” and “Slow Down. Kids Around” to encourage drivers, parents, carers and children to be safe when near or on the road.

Council and the Little Blue Dinosaur understand how important it is for parents and carers to hold hands with any children under their supervision, especially for children who are under the age of 10. Young children are still developing their decision-making abilities around distance and speed and need the assistance of an adult to help them gain confidence and understanding of proper road safety behaviours.

Where has the signage been installed?

The signage has been installed in 46 key locations across the Penrith LGA, particularly at Council childcare centres and playground car parks.

Why has the signage been installed?

The NSW Centre for Road Safety’s data shows that there were 516 crashes in the Penrith local government area in 2018 with 5% of those crashes involving pedestrians. Pedestrian casualties involving children aged 5-16 years were involved in 23 from a total of 137 crashes from 2014-2018.

It’s important that pedestrians and drivers are vigilant when using the roads, from quiet and busy carparks to quiet neighbourhoods and busy roadsides.

Did you know:

  • If a pedestrian is hit at 40kph, there is a 25% chance of death.
  • If a pedestrian is hit at 50kph, there is a 55% chance of death.
  • If a pedestrian is hit at 60kph, there is an 85% chance of death.

The signage has been installed to help decrease these statistics and to encourage parents, carers and children to start a conversation about road safety for young children.

How can I teach my child road safety?

Installing the signs is only one step in the process of teaching young children how to be safe near roads. At Council and the Little Blue Dinosaur, we encourage parents, carers and older siblings to hold the hand of the young child under their supervision.

There are other ways you can also teach your child about road safety, including:

  • Every road is different: Understanding that the traffic environment around childcare centres, schools, playground and your house is different. Every entry and exit have different rules and are therefore managed correctly. It's important to teach children to be vigilant and understand that every road is different.
  • Unplug from technology: Mobile phones and listening to music have become a staple in a lot of young children’s lives, but it creates a dangerous situation when using the road. Teach children to look both ways before they cross, unplug their earphones and look away from their phones before they step out onto the road. Even on pedestrian crossings and when the traffic light signals the green man, it’s important that everyone who crosses the road remains undistracted.
  • Use pedestrian crossings: While it’s tempting to cut across a clear road before you read the pedestrian crossing, it’s important children learn that crossing roads at pedestrian crossings and at the walk signal. This ensures both driver and pedestrian are safe when using the road.
  • Hold their hand: Children are easily distracted, so it’s important parents, carers and older siblings talk to their young children about safe behaviour on the road and hold their hand when walking by a road strip and crossing. It’s advised to hold the hand of children who are 10 years and younger.
  • Remain vigilant when using roads, car parks and crossing driveways: It’s not just busy strips of road that we need to teach our children about. Teach your child how to be safe and vigilant in car parks, on foot paths and when crossing the road.

The age recommendation of holding hands
Until your child is at least 8 years old, hold their hand on a footpath, in a car park and when crossing the road.
Until your child is at least 10 years old, supervise them very closely and hold their hand when crossing the road. 

School holiday safety

When children are out of their usual routine, it’s easy for them to forget that road rules still apply. Roads in holiday destinations, whether coastal or rural, are often complex for children to navigate as they can look different to their home environment.

Download the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation’s newsletter about school holiday road safety to learn more about how your child can be safe on unfamiliar roads while on holiday.

About the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation was founded by parents Michelle and David McLaughlin following the death of their 4 year old son, Tom, in a pedestrian road accident in 2014.

The LBD is a foundation dedicated to the prevention of roadside child pedestrian accidents through community education and awareness, dedicated to the memory of Michelle and David’s son. Tom was the victim of roadside accident while on holidays with his family on the Central Coast in January 2014.

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation partners with many local councils in NSW to deliver projects such the ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Slow Down, Kids Around’ campaigns.

There are several resources provided free of charge by LBDF through its website that promote road safety for young children and their family available at the Little Blue Dinosaur 

Further road safety information can be found at:

Centre for Road Safety – Staying safe

Early Childhood – Songs and resources

Department of Education – Primary School