New policy for cleaner waters

Friday, 31 January 2014

Council has adopted a Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Policy, which is designed to reduce the impacts from urban development to the Nepean River and other waterways.

Penrith Mayor Ross Fowler OAM said the policy will improve stormwater management within the City by integrating practical environmental measures into land use and development processes.

"Preserving our natural assets through responsible urban design and development will enable our iconic Nepean River and local waterways to continue to be enjoyed by everyone in our City," Cr Fowler said.

The WSUD Policy has been prepared to respond to growth and improve water conservation, quality and quantity in new development.

"The policy ensures certain developments, including certain types of residential, commercial and industrial development, limit impacts such as stormwater pollution and erosion," Cr Fowler said.

"Through intelligent design and sustainable management of water resources we can help make development more sustainable and environmentally friendly."

WSUD Technical Guidelines have been prepared to help industry comply with the policy.

Policy snapshot

Under the policy, performance criteria outlined for stormwater conservation, quality and quantity applies to developments including:

  • Residential development of five or more dwellings including multi dwelling housing, residential housing and residential flat buildings and mixed use development.
  • All new commercial, retail, mixed use and industrial development greater than 2,500m2 total site area and alterations and additions where the increase in the roofed and impervious area is equal to or greater than 250m2.
  • Residential (five or more lots) or commercial and industrial subdivision.
  • Any development which results in an increase of the existing impervious area by greater than 250m2. Development includes but is not limited to additional roads, driveways, vehicle parking areas, manoeuvring areas, loading and storage areas. 

Information contained within this news release was correct as at Friday, 31 January 2014.