Make sustainable choices with Penrith City Council’s reusable nappy and sanitary item rebate

Make sustainable choices with Penrith City Council’s reusable nappy and sanitary item rebate

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Penrith City Council is offering users of reusable nappy and sanitary items the opportunity to participate in a trial rebate program. 

Council’s Supporting Sustainable Choices Scheme is eligible to Penrith Local Government Area residents, and residents can receive a maximum of $100 per household. 

The rebate program is available to residents who have purchased a reusable sanitary or nappy product on or after 1 January 2020. The products include reusable cloth and swim nappies, nappy inner liners, pilchers, wipes, nursing breast pads, sanitary pads and menstrual cups, leak-proof underwear, and wet bags. 

Penrith Mayor Karen McKeown OAM said that Council hopes the program can aid in helping families and individuals to make sustainable changes and choices for the future. 

“Reusable items not only prevent pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and divert large amounts of waste from landfill, they also save families and individuals a lot of money,” Cr McKeown said. 

“Council understands and acknowledges that each individual is living under different circumstances and committing to something long-term may not be viable for everyone, but we wanted to give everyone the chance to assist in providing families and individuals with a sustainable solution. 

“Approximately 5,000 to 6,000 nappies will be used and disposed of before a child is properly toilet trained. It takes up to 300 years for one disposable nappy to break down in landfill. 

“Approximately 150kg of sanitary items are sent straight to landfill during the lifetime of one person who uses the product. The rebate program encourages people to try sustainable products and consider if these alternatives are for them,” Cr McKeown said. 

Penrith Council’s Supporting Sustainable Choices Scheme has been funded up to $20,000 and offers a 50% rebate for reusable nappies and sanitary products with a maximum rebate of $100 per household. The rebate does not cover the cost of postage or delivery of eligible products. 

The Scheme ends 31 March 2021 or when funding has been exhausted. 

For more information about the Supporting Sustainable Choices Scheme, visit 

Information contained within this news release was correct as at Tuesday, 10 November 2020.