Surveyors Creek Softball Facility upgrades hit a home run

Surveyors Creek Softball Facility upgrades hit a home run

Tuesday, 21 November 2023

Upgrades at Surveyors Creek Softball Facility at Glenmore Park have been completed by Penrith City Council, providing a better sporting experience for players, teams, and the local community.

Penrith Mayor Todd Carney was excited to see the potential for growth that the upgrades have allowed, establishing the facility as one of the biggest in western Sydney.

"The upgrades to the Surveyors Creek Softball Facility are a fantastic addition to our community. These improvements will create new opportunities for the growth and development of local softball athletes," Cr Carney said.

“The floodlight upgrades will illuminate an additional two diamonds to Australian competition standards. This will double the capacity for training and competition in the evening, allowing local organisers the flexibility to extend their weeknight participation offerings for both social and competitive softball players.”

Another significant aspect of the upgrade is the construction of an accessible pathway that connects all eight diamonds, the car park and amenities buildings. Spectators and players alike will benefit from the new pathway, which not only improves access to various areas of the facility, but creates a "loop walk" experience, making it easier for the community to enjoy the facility's surroundings.

Spectator seating has been installed around diamond one, allowing supporters to be close to the action. The infield playing surface of diamond one has been reconstructed using a specialist sand, improving both player experience and game quality. Upgrades to player dugouts on diamond one and two has improved the space for both home and away teams to participate.

The upgrades at Surveyors Creek Softball Facility were funded by Penrith City Council ($330,000), NSW Office of Sport’s Greater Cities Sport Facility Fund ($800,000), the NSW Government’s Community

Building Partnership program ($30,000) and Penrith City Softball Association ($10,000).

Minister for Sport Steve Kamper MP said that improvements like these will enable the community to take part in and enjoy sport and active recreation.

“Local sport infrastructure plays a critical role in keeping communities active and connected and the improvements to accessibility and lighting mean the softball facility will better meet the needs of the community now and into the future.”

“We are committed to delivering grassroots sporting infrastructure to communities that desperately need facilities.”

Member for Badgerys Creek Tanya Davies MP said, “I am proud to have been a part of the former Liberal Government that funded the vast majority of this upgrade. I know that these upgrades will play an important part in helping to produce future athletes.”

“Last year, I was pleased to have presented the funding to improve and upgrade the facilities in the presence of Olympic greatness Taylah Tsitsikronis”.
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Photo captions:
Photo 1: (L-R) Danny Robinson, head coach at Penrith City Softball Association (PCSA), Penrith Mayor Todd Carney, Jessica Smith (PCSA), Member for Badgerys Creek Tanya Davies MP, Jeremy Garland (PCSA), Penrith City Council General Manager Andrew Moore and Jordan Micallef (PCSA) at the upgraded Diamond 1 at Surveyors Creek Softball Facility, Glenmore Park.
Photo 2: Young champions from PCSA, (L-R) Jeremy Garland (PCSA Open Mens 2023 - State Champions, U23 Men - runners up, NSW Open Mens - National Champions, Australia U23 2023 - World Champions), Jessica Smith (PCSA U23 Womens 2023, NSW U18 Women 2023, NSW U23 2024, PCSA Open Womens 2024) and Jordan Micallef (PCSA U16 Boys 2023, PCSA U18 Men 2023, NSW U16 2024) at Diamond 1, Surveyors Creek Softball Facility.
Photo 3: (L-R) Member for Badgerys Creek Tanya Davies MP, Jessica Smith and Penrith Mayor Todd Carney walking along the new pathway circuit at Surveyors Creek Softball Facility.
Photo 4: New spectator seating has been installed at Diamond 1. Back row (L-R): Penrith Mayor Todd Carney, Danny Robinson, Member for Badgerys Creek Tanya Davies MP and Penrith City Council General Manager Andrew Moore. Front row (L-R): Jeremy Garland, Jessica Smith and Jordan Micallef.

Information contained within this news release was correct as at Tuesday, 21 November 2023.