Penrith Mayor joins students to create a greener Penrith

Penrith Mayor Tricia Hitchen at Penrith Public School for the planting of the Green Living Hoarding.

Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Green thumbs were busy at work last week when Year 4 students at Penrith Public School and Penrith Mayor Tricia Hitchen united to plant a community section for the new Green Living Hoarding at Soper Place. 

Council has partnered with living infrastructure specialists, Junglefy, to deliver the green hoarding for the Soper Place Revitalisation project, using their innovative Breathing WallTM technology.
The students learned the importance of biophilia and the impact of plants in cities during Junglefy's presentation, before joining Penrith Mayor Tricia Hitchen in getting their hands dirty. 

“This was a fun, hands-on activity for Penrith Public School students as they learned just how vital plants and trees are to reducing urban heat within the City,” said Cr Hitchen. 

“Once the community modules have had time to establish in the nursery and are installed at Soper Place, students will be able to see their valuable contribution in making Penrith greener and helping to cool the City,” she said.     

The Green Living Hoarding Project at Soper Place is part of the Greening Our City grant program, proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Local Government NSW and Penrith City Council 

Penrith City Council has secured a $500,000 Greening Our City Grant, Stream 2: Green Innovations towards the construction of a green hoarding at Soper Place. This has been awarded to Council from Department of Planning and Environment/NSW Government.   

Junglefy CEO Suzie Barnett said the Junglefy Breathing Wall spans 150 sqm along Belmore and Lawson Streets and will deliver multiple environmental benefits to combat climate change for the residents of Penrith City.   

“Our unique nature-based solution uses over 3,000 plants combined with Junglefy’s patent pending Breathing Technology, which has been scientifically proven to remove harmful pollutants, absorb street noise, reduce air temperatures and enhance biodiversity.  

“We are experiencing the harsh reality of climate change and we must find unique ways to mitigate the impacts and create better places for people in our urban environments,” said Ms Barnett. 

Cr Hitchen added, “The Green Living Hoarding is a prelude of what is to come at Soper Place. The design of the Soper Place development will provide a multi-use community space, a public rooftop garden and rainwater harvesting—all supporting Council’s commitment to sustainability." 

Installation of the Green Living Hoarding community section are expected to be complete in December 2022. Visit for more information. 

Information contained within this news release was correct as at Wednesday, 7 December 2022.