Council ‘positive’ about refreshed brand

Community Facilities and Recreation Manager Andrew Robinson, Member for Lindsay Melissa McIntosh, Penrith Mayor Tricia Hitchen, Nepean Multicultural Access Aged Care Coordinator Elizabeth Chavez, and Manager Laura Sardo.

Thursday, 15 September 2022

Penrith City Council has adopted a refreshed approach to its brand and marketing at the Policy Review Committee Meeting on Monday, 12 September 2022.

The refreshed brand, "Positively Penrith”, builds on the well-recognised Penrith “P” and Council's strategic marketing over the last ten years to drive opportunities, position Penrith as one of Australia's most liveable cities and an ideal destination for residents, visitors, students and businesses.

Penrith Mayor Tricia Hitchen said Council was a leader in place branding and well known for its previous work in this space.

“We introduced the current brand 10 years ago, and in that time it has allowed us to shift perceptions about Penrith and what we have to offer, helped attract investment and create opportunities for our people, and it is timely to revisit and refresh our strategy,” Cr Hitchen said.

“Ten years ago our brand made a bold and aspirational statement, speaking of our potential and positioning Penrith as a leader in the region. In that time our community has grown and become more diverse, we’ve undertaken a huge amount of revitalisation work in our city centres and seen a commitment to the Western Sydney International Airport, and a transformative new Metro rail line as well as the development of the aerotropolis. The brand refresh reflects the fact that we’ve lived up to our potential, we are a leader in the Western Parkland City and we will continue to kick goals for our residents and create a positive future for Penrith.”

The brand refresh leverages what is distinct and different about Penrith, in particular its people and enviable lifestyle, and the economic benefits and potential that significant infrastructure investment brings to our city. It acknowledges our leadership and projects a positive future for Penrith. It builds on the strengths of the existing brand and introduces a contemporary colour palette and refreshed language, including the tagline, "Positively Penrith”, to communicate a consistent and compelling story about Penrith. 

Council will begin to implement the refreshed branding from 19 September, with assets being rolled out in a staged approach or at the time of renewal

Brand Narrative

We are proud to be Penrith – it’s who we are and the place we call home. 

It’s our nature to welcome new people and new ideas. We are adventurous, optimistic and care about the people who work and play with us, and all those looking for a better life.  

Together, we protect, celebrate and invest in our natural resources, our clean, open spaces, and our hearts and minds. Because in Penrith, nature goes beyond beautiful parks and waterways to encompass the positive spirit of our community.

The river is our life blood – a place of connection, health and energy – and family sits at the heart of all we do.   

We love to compete, and our sports people, teams and world class facilities reflect our leadership in sport. It’s no surprise we aspire to be the adventure capital of Australia!

Penrith’s creative heart beats strong – from our world leading regional gallery and performance spaces to streets enlivened by public art and music. We are an active night and day community.   
We design and build the right infrastructure, with and for our community, to provide limitless opportunities for our people, businesses, visitors and investors.

We are enablers of innovation, science, technology and education. Penrith is a positive regional leader with the new airport on our doorstep and located within the Western Parkland City.
We build skills for the jobs of tomorrow and foster local employment so that our people have a better work life balance and more time to enjoy our unique lifestyle.

We choose Penrith, one of Australia’s most liveable cities, because we’re positive about our future and creating a better tomorrow.

Positively Penrith.


Information contained within this news release was correct as at Thursday, 15 September 2022.