Capacity Review

Capacity Review

Penrith City Council is a healthy and growing Council. We are in good shape, but we also recognise that as our community grows, so will the demands on Council. Council started work on a Capacity Review to look at how we do business, and how we can improve our services. 

We are looking at how we might be able to improve things so that we have more capacity to do some of the extra things our community would like us to do. These things include major regional city projects like a new stadium, and the town centre parks in St Marys and Penrith; as well as smaller scale things like improving some of our facilities.

We are doing the work now to ensure that we stay in shape and can meet the needs of our growing community. 

Fit for the Future

'Fit for the Future' is the State Government's reform package, where Councils must demonstrate an ability to meet a series of strong financial and sustainability benchmarks by 2019-20.

All 152 councils in NSW are required to make a submission to the Office of Local Government by 30 June 2015 to demonstrate how they plan to be Fit for the Future.

For more information and to receive updates on the State Government's Fit for the Future, visit

Our Council is in a good position to respond to this reform. The Capacity Review we have already started will look at how we do business, the services we deliver and how we deliver them, so we can focus our resources to achieve the best outcomes for our communities now and into the future.

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