Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

The Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee is an independent advisory committee to help the elected Council fulfil its oversight responsibilities.

The Committee's functions are detailed in Council's Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee Charter. Its primary duties and responsibilities are to assist Council with:

  • financial reporting practices
  • business ethics, policies and practices
  • management and internal controls
  • monitoring the integrity of the Council's financial reporting practices and finance and accounting compliance
  • reviewing internal controls, key corporate risks and all audit related matters
  • encouraging adherence to and continuous improvement of Council's policies, procedures and practices at all levels, and
  • adoption of the Internal Audit Plan.

The Committee is supported by Council's Internal Audit staff as detailed in the Internal Audit Charter. For more information contact Council's Risk & Audit Coordinator on (02) 4732 7692.

The Council appoints 3 Councillors to the Audit Committee (usually for the term of the Council) and the Mayor either joins the Committee or appoints a Councillor as their representative to the Committee (for the Mayoral term). The current Councillor members of the Committee are Cr Kath Presdee, Cr Ross Fowler OAM and Cr John Thain.

The independent members of the Committee are appointed by Council for a term of 4 years, and a new term will begin in December 2017. The appointment process for four independent members is currently underway.

The Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee reports to Council periodically.