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Our philosophy for tendering is to provide Council with the best possible solution to goods and services requirements, while minimising Council's exposure to risk and providing value for money. It also aims to ensure that the process is fair to all.

The principle of value for money does not mean that Council will automatically select goods and services with the lowest price. Council will balance all relevant factors including initial cost, whole of life costs, quality, reliability and timeliness to determine actual value for money. Our tendering aims to promote honesty, transparency and integrity, and protect the public's interests.

Council procures goods and services in accordance with section 55 of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) , the tender provisions within the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW) and in accordance with the Council's adopted policies and associated procedures.

Our processes promote fairness, efficiency and effectiveness, a fair and competitive tendering environment that:

  • deals appropriately with conflicts of interest
  • provides Council with best value options
  • ensures accountability and
  • encourage monitoring and evaluation of performance.

There are 10 principles of ethical behaviour underlying our procurement/tender process that must be adhered to by all parties, at all times and at all levels:

  • Parties must conduct the procurement/tendering process with honesty and fairness at all levels.
  • Parties must conform to all legal obligations.
  • Parties must not seek quotations/tenders without a firm intention to proceed.
  • Parties must not engage in any practice, including improper inducements, which give one party an improper advantage over another.
  • Respondents must be prepared to attest to their probity, and not engage in any form of collusive practice.
  • Conditions of tendering/procurement must be the same for each party on any particular submission.
  • All requirements must be clearly specified in the tender/quotation documents and criteria for evaluation must be clearly indicated.
  • Evaluation of tenders/quotations must be based on the conditions of tendering/procurement and selection criteria defined in the tender/quotation documents unless otherwise allowed by law.
  • Parties must not disclose confidential or proprietary information.
  • Any party with a conflict of interest must declare that interest as soon as the conflict is known to that party - see Council’s Code of Conduct.

See our Statement of Business Ethics and Work Health and Safety Policy.

For more details contact our Supply Section on 4732 8152.

Step 1 - Find and review the advertisement

Council advertises all open tenders, expressions of interest (EOI) and quotations in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005. Advertisements are generally published in the local government section of the Sydney Morning Herald (Tuesday edition), on Council’s News Page in the local Western Weekender (Friday), on the WSROC eTendering site (also showing current tenders from other member councils) or Council’s Electronic Tendering Portal. If you wish to be advised of all requests for tenders by Council you can register at WSROC eTendering site.

Council may use additional methods of advertisement in certain circumstances. Council is not required to advertise tenders for contracts of a value less than $150,000 (including GST).

Step 2 - Get a copy of the request for tender or EOI

These documents can be downloaded from the WSROC eTendering site or Current Tenders and Expressions of Interest (EOI) at no cost. To request a hard copy (fee applies) contact Council on 4732 8282.

Step 3 - Determine your suitability for the project


  • all sections of the request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document - including specifications, requirements and selection criteria.
  • Council’s Conditions of Tendering Requirements
  • the Terms and Conditions of Contract (if appropriate have the tender reviewed by your legal representative)

Step 4 - Complete your submission

All submissions to Council should include all completed schedules and associated annexures or attachments from the request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document.

Applicants should:

  • address all of the criteria
  • supply all related information, and
  • conform to the conditions of tender.

Submissions received by Council are treated in confidence during the evaluation and reporting stages (see Steps 9 to 10 and 12), and retained on Council’s confidential tender, quotation or expression of interest file.

Step 5 - Tender Period and Clarification

Generally, the tender period for submissions is a minimum of 21 calendar days after the date of the advertisement’s first publication. However, the submission period for quotations may vary. During the tender period, you may wish to seek further information or clarification from the nominated Council officer. If appropriate, a response to your query will be forwarded in writing to you and all other applicants who registered and obtained a copy of the request for tender Quotation or expression of interest document. Council will maintain a written record of all advice given. Council reserves the right not to answer any request if deemed not appropriate to provide the requested information. To ensure all potential respondents are given the same information, a public information session may be held, where Council would give details of the tender, highlight requirements regarding the documentation to be submitted, and answer questions. The minutes of this meeting would be distributed to those who attend the meeting, and those that have registered their interest in the tender, quotation or expression of interest with Council. During the tender period any amendments, addenda and additional information released by Council will be communicated to all registered applicants.

Applicants are advised to check the eTendering site during the tender period for any additional information that may be posted.

Step 6 - Lodgement / Submission

In accordance with Statement of Business Ethics, and the instructions in the relevant request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document, subject to conditions, submissions may be:

  • lodged on the eTendering site (preferred option)
  • delivered by hand to the tender box at Council’s Civic Centre
  • sent through the mail via a recognised delivery agency or
  • faxed, provided the requirements for facsimile are met as set out in the tendering conditions.

Electronic tendering system

View or download documents, and lodge tender responses in appropriate circumstances. Tenderers are encouraged to access relevant documents online at WSROC eTendering website or Current Tenders and Expressions of Interest (EOI) and use  Council’s Electronic Tendering Portal to prepare and submit tender responses.

Hard copy submissions

Hard copy submissions must be made in a sealed envelope marked "Tender”, “Quotation” or “Expression of Interest” along with the advertised name and reference number and sent or delivered to Council, 601 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750 during business hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4pm except public holidays).

Step 7 - Closing Time and Date

All submissions in response to a request for tender, quotation and expression of interest should be lodged as soon as possible, and received by Council no later than the closing time specified in the tender documents. Submissions received after this deadline can not generally be considered.

Step 8 - Tender, Quotation or Expression of Interest Opening

Members of the public who attend the opening of tenders and expressions of interest shall be entitled to the same information as that which members of the public are entitled under section 175 the legislation. A listing of applicants will be displayed on the Customer Service notice board.

Step 9 - Evaluation

Submissions are generally reviewed by an Evaluation Panel in line with the assessment criterion set out in the tender, quotation or EOI documentation.

Responses to each of the selection criteria are evaluated against a predetermined scoring methodology that ensures fairness and equity in the evaluation process. The successful submission will be that which the evaluation process determines will deliver the most advantageous outcome to Council.

Step 10 - Interviews

The Evaluation Panel may in some instances invite you to a post tender interview to seek further details of your capacity to carry out the required works or services.

Following a post tender interview the Evaluation Panel may review their original evaluation of the selection criteria, against the predetermined scoring methodology.

Step 11 - Recommendation to Council

After the evaluation process, the panel delivers a tender report and recommendation to an Ordinary Meeting of Council. Public access to the report will be available in the Business Paper for that Ordinary Meeting of Council. The Council report will include the names of tenderers, the price submitted and the details that have contributed to the panel recommendation.


You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any concerns about the outcome or process or call our Legal and Governance team on 4732 7644.

Before submitting a tender, quotation or expression of interest to Council, check you have:

  • read and understood the terms and conditions of the tender, quotation or expression of interest terms and conditions in full
  • read and understood Council’s Statement of Business Ethics
  • read and understood the specifications
  • sought clarification on any points that I don’t understand
  • completed every schedule in the request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document
  • attached the required supporting documentation
  • answered all the selection criteria for tender, quotation or expression of interest
  • signed every field that requires a signature in the tender, quotation or expression of interest schedules

If you are unsure about Council’s proposed contract, either make enquiries in writing with the contact person nominated in the advertisement and/or have the tender reviewed by your legal representative.

What is a tender or expression of interest? When does Council call for them?

Tendering is the formal process for the procurement of goods and services. Council is required by the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW) to invite tenders for contracts that involve an estimated expenditure or receipt of an amount of $150,000 or greater (including GST).

Council may also choose to invite tenders where there is no legislative requirement to do so. Generally, we do this if:

  • tendering seems the most appropriate mechanism due to the complexity or nature of the items or service
  • consolidation of items or services would warrant it
  • Council has limited experience in a particular field for arranging for a service or item, or
  • we want to obtain a pool of potential providers.

Council may call for expressions of interest where there is no legislative requirement to invite tenders when we have less specific requirements and wish to consider a range of solution options that may be proposed by suppliers.

Where do I find out about opportunities for Council work?

Council’s invitations to tender are published on the WSROC eTendering website and on Council’s Electronic Tendering Portal. On these sites you can view, download or order request for tender documents and lodge your tender submissions.

Advertisements relating to current public tenders, expressions of interest and certain quotations are generally published in the local government section of the Sydney Morning Herald (Tuesday edition), and once in the Council’s News Page in local press media (The Western Weekender).

Who do I contact for clarification about a tender, quotation or EOI?

Contact the Council Officer nominated in the advertisement or the tender, quotation or EOI documents. Please note that if a clarification is provided it will only be valid if it is issued in writing. Any clarification given may also be issued to all other prospective Tenderers.

Can I lobby Councillors and staff?

No. This may result in disqualification from the tender / EOI process.

What is 'best value'?

Value for money does not automatically mean the “lowest price”. Council aims to select the offer that represents the “best overall value for each dollar spent”. This is determined by considering a range of factors relevant to the particular purpose of the tender or expression of interest. This may include, but is not limited to the:

  • initial cost of the goods and services
  • whole of life costs
  • quality and reliability of the goods and services delivered, and
  • innovation and value adding components such as meeting Council’s economic, social development and environmental policy objectives.

Best value for money is achieved when the submission satisfies all the essential criteria, specifications, safety, environmental and statutory requirements stated in the tender / EOI document.

Is there an opportunity to negotiate the contract if I am awarded the tender?

After the offer has been accepted, there is no opportunity to negotiate the contract. Alternatives or variations to the terms of the tender must be submitted in full as part of your tender submission. However, if submitting alternatives or variations to the tender, you must ensure that you also submit a conforming tender.

Council uses an online quotation tool called VendorPanel Marketplace to simplify the way we seek quotations from potential suppliers when services are not covered by existing contracts. 

We encourage local suppliers to register for quotations (it’s free) and create a profile.  

When requirements come up that fit with your business category you will be presented to relevant Council staff as a supplier option.

If Council requests a quote from you, you’ll be notified by email and can easily review the quotation request and submit your quote securely through your VendorPanel Marketplace profile by simply following the prompts.

RFT18/19-22 Construction of Mulgoa Park Public Amenities

Date: 13 March 2019

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RFT18/19-08 Public Toilet Cleaning Services

Date: 13 March 2019

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