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Our philosophy for tendering is to provide Council with the best possible solution to goods and services requirements, while minimising Council's exposure to risk and providing value for money. It also aims to ensure that the process is fair to all.

The principle of value for money does not mean that Council will automatically select goods and services with the lowest price. Council will balance all relevant factors including initial cost, whole of life costs, quality, reliability and timeliness to determine actual value for money. Our tendering aims to promote honesty, transparency and integrity, and protect the public's interests.

Council procures goods and services in accordance with section 55 of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) , the tender provisions within the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW) and in accordance with the Council's adopted policies and associated procedures.

Our processes promote fairness, efficiency and effectiveness, a fair and competitive tendering environment that:

  • deals appropriately with conflicts of interest
  • provides Council with best value options
  • ensures accountability and
  • encourage monitoring and evaluation of performance.

There are 10 principles of ethical behaviour underlying our procurement/tender process that must be adhered to by all parties, at all times and at all levels:

  • Parties must conduct the procurement/tendering process with honesty and fairness at all levels.
  • Parties must conform to all legal obligations.
  • Parties must not seek quotations/tenders without a firm intention to proceed.
  • Parties must not engage in any practice, including improper inducements, which give one party an improper advantage over another.
  • Respondents must be prepared to attest to their probity, and not engage in any form of collusive practice.
  • Conditions of tendering/procurement must be the same for each party on any particular submission.
  • All requirements must be clearly specified in the tender/quotation documents and criteria for evaluation must be clearly indicated.
  • Evaluation of tenders/quotations must be based on the conditions of tendering/procurement and selection criteria defined in the tender/quotation documents unless otherwise allowed by law.
  • Parties must not disclose confidential or proprietary information.
  • Any party with a conflict of interest must declare that interest as soon as the conflict is known to that party - see Council’s Code of Conduct.

See our Statement of Business Ethics and Work Health and Safety Policy.

For more details contact our customer experience team who will direct your call to the Supply Section on 02 4732 7777

For more information, see the NSW Government's Local procurement: A guide to doing business with local councils.

For information on our Governments Contracts Register as per the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, please see our Access to Information web page.

(Certain Quotations may follow these steps. This information should be used as a general guide and is not intended to be a categorical instruction of all of Council’s tendering procedures. For further information please contact Council’s Supply Section on 4732 8152)

Step 1 - Find and review the advertisement for Public Tenders and Expression of Interest

Council advertises all open tenders, expressions of interest (EOI) and quotations in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005. Advertisements are generally published on the Council’s Electronic Tendering Portal there may be however circumstances where Council uses alternaitve methods of advertisement.

You will also find the most recent information about tendering opportunities of other WSROC memberCouncils on the eTendering site WSROC eTendering site.

Please note: Council is not required to advertise tenders for contracts of a value less than $250,000 (including GST). Contracts under $250,000 are generally not advertised.

Step 2 - Obtain a Copy of the Request for Tender or Expression of Interest (EOI)

These documents can be downloaded from the WSROC eTendering portal at no cost. 

Alternatively, Council can provide a hard copy for a non-refundable fee. Copies can be obtained at the, Civic Centre which is located at 601 High St, Penrith. To request a hard copy, please contact Council on (02) 47327663.

Step 3 - Decide whether you are Suitable for the Project

Read the documents carefully and familiarise yourself with the following:

  • All sections of the request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document
  • Council’s Conditions of Tendering Requirements theTerms and Conditions of Contract
  • All Specifications and Statement of Requirements, and the advertised Selection Criteria 

Confirm that you can provide the product or service in accordance with Council’s Terms and Conditions
If you wish to be advised of all requests for tenders being issued by Council you can register your company online via the WSROC eTendering site. 

Step 4 - Understanding the Terms and Conditions of the Tender

You will need to ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions of the specific tender, quotation or expression of interest.

If you are unsure about Council’s proposed contract, either make enquiries in writing with the contact person nominated in the advertisement and/or have the tender reviewed by your legal representative.

Step 5 - Completing your Tender, Quotation or Expression of Interest Submission

All submissions made to Council should include all completed schedules and associated annexures or attachments from the request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document.All submissions made to Council should include all completed schedules and associated annexures or attachments from the request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document.

Applicants should:

  • address all the criteria
  • supply all related information, and
  • abide and conform to the conditions of tender

Your submission is then ready to lodge (refer to step 7).

Submissions received by Council are treated in confidence during the evaluation and reporting stages (see Steps 9 to 10 and 12), and subsequently retained on Council’s confidential tender, quotation or expression of interest file.

Step 6 - Tender Period Clarification

Generally, the tender period for submissions is for a minimum of 21 calendar days after the date of the advertisement’s first publication. However, the submission period for quotations may vary.Generally, the tender period for submissions is for a minimum of 21 calendar days after the date of the advertisement’s first publication. However, the submission period for quotations may vary.

During the tender period, you may wish to seek further information or clarification from the nominated Council officer. If appropriate, a response to your query will be forwarded in writing to you and all other applicants who registered and obtained a copy of the request for tender Quotation or expression of interest document.  Council will maintain a written record of all advice given. Council reserves the right not to answer any request if deemed that it is not appropriate to provide the requested information.

To ensure that all potential respondents are given the same information, a public information session may be held. At a public information session, the relevant Council officer would give details of the tender, highlight requirements regarding the tender documentation that is to be submitted, and answer questions regarding the tender. The minutes of this meeting would be distributed to those who attend the meeting, and those that have registered their interest in the tender, quotation or expression of interest with Council. 

During the tender period any amendments, addendums and additional information released byCouncil will be communicated to all registered applicants.

Applicants are advised to check the Apet360 portal site here  during the tender period for any additional information that may be posted.

Step 7 - Lodgement of Tender / Quotation / Expression of Interest Submission

In accordance with Councils Statement of Business Ethics, and the instructions in the relevant request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document, subject to conditions, submissions may be:In accordance with Councils Statement of Business Ethics, and the instructions in the relevant request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document, subject to conditions, submissions may be:

  • lodged on the Apet360 portal (please note, this is Council’s preferred option)
  • delivered by hand to the tender box at Council’s Civic Centre
  • sent through the mail via a post office facility or other recognised delivery agency 

Soft Copies
Penrith City Council, as a member of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC), is committed to the implementation of an electronic tendering system similar to the initiative adopted by the NSW Government. The electronic tendering system has the capacity to allow viewing of documents, downloading or ordering of request for tender documents, and for the lodgement of tender responses in appropriate circumstances.

Tenderers are encouraged, although not mandatory, to obtain access to the Request for Tender documents via this link and use Council’s Electronic Tendering Portal to prepare and submit tender responses. There is no fee or costs to use the Penrith City Council Portal.

Hard Copy submissions
If lodging a submission in hardcopy, the submission must be made in a sealed envelope marked "Tender”, “Quotation” or “Expression of Interest” along with the advertised name and reference number. Hard copy submissions should be addressed to the Tender Box, Civic Centre – Ground Floor, Penrith City Council, 601High Street, Penrith NSW 2750.

Please ensure sufficient time is allowed in lodging your response

Public access to Council’s Customer Service Centre is limited to business hours Monday to Friday from8.30am to 4.00pm on normal business working days.

Step 8 - Closing Time and Date

All submissions in response to a request for tender, quotation and expression of interest should be lodged into the manual or electronic tender box via the Apet 360 Portal as soon as possible, but no later than the closing time specified in the tender documents.

The closing time and date nominated in the request for tender, quotation and expression of interest is the latest time by which the submission must be lodged.

Please ensure sufficient time is allowed in lodging your response.

Tender, quotation and expression of interest submissions received after the nominated closing time and date in most cases will result in Council not being able to consider the response further.

Don’t not leave it to the last minute!

Step 9 - Tender, Quotation or Expression of Interest Opening 

.Members of the public who attend the opening of tenders and expressions of interest shall be entitled to the same information as that which members of the public are entitled under section 175 the legislation.

A listing of applicants will be displayed on the Customer Service Notice Board.

Step 10 - Evaluation of Tender, Quotation or Expression of Interest 

Submissions are generally reviewed by an Evaluation Panel.Submissions are generally reviewed by an Evaluation Panel.

The assessment criterion is set out within the tender, quotation or EOI documentation. This will in most cases be used to evaluate the submissions.

  • Criteria example:
  • Completion/delivery times
  • Quality
  • Current commitments
  • Previous performance-referee checks
  • Capability including technical, management, human resources and financial capability
  • WH & S Performance
  • Workplace and industrial relations practices
  • Environmental performance
  • Conformity requirements & Compliance with relevant laws & regulations
  • Life Cycle Costs/Whole of life costs

Applicants should ensure that all information relating to the tender, quotation, or expression of interest selection criteria is provided.

Responses to each of the selection criteria are evaluated against a predetermined scoring methodology that ensures fairness and equity in the evaluation process. The successful submission will be that which the evaluation process determines will deliver the most advantageous outcome to Council.

Step 11 - Interviews 

The Evaluation Panel may in some instances invite you to a post tender interview to seek further details of your capacity to carry out the required works or services.The Evaluation Panel may in some instances invite you to a post tender interview to seek further details of your capacity to carry out the required works or services.

Following a post tender interview, the Evaluation Panel may review their original evaluation of the selection criteria, against the predetermined scoring methodology.

Step 12 - Recommendation to Council 

After completing the evaluation process, the tender evaluation panel delivers a tender report and recommendation to an Ordinary Meeting of the Council. Public access to the report will be available in the Business Paper for that Ordinary Meeting of Council, under the “Your council” tab on Council’s website via  http://www.penrithcity.nsw.gov.au/. The Council report, while not limited to, will include the names of the tenderers, the price submitted and the details that have contributed to the panel recommendation.


You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any concerns about the outcome or process or call our Legal and Governance team on 4732 7644.

Before submitting a tender, quotation or expression of interest to Council, check you have:

  • read and understood the terms and conditions of the tender, quotation or expression of interest terms and conditions in full
  • read and understood Council’s Statement of Business Ethics
  • read and understood the specifications
  • sought clarification on any points that I don’t understand
  • completed every schedule in the request for tender, quotation or expression of interest document
  • attached the required supporting documentation
  • answered all the selection criteria for tender, quotation or expression of interest
  • signed every field that requires a signature in the tender, quotation or expression of interest schedules

If you are unsure about Council’s proposed contract, either make enquiries in writing with the contact person nominated in the advertisement and/or have the tender reviewed by your legal representative.

What is a tender or expression of interest? When does Council call for them?

Tendering is the formal process for the procurement of goods and services. Council is required by the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW) to invite tenders for contracts that involve an estimated expenditure or receipt of an amount of $150,000 or greater (including GST).

Council may also choose to invite tenders where there is no legislative requirement to do so. Generally, we do this if:

  • tendering seems the most appropriate mechanism due to the complexity or nature of the items or service
  • consolidation of items or services would warrant it
  • Council has limited experience in a particular field for arranging for a service or item, or
  • we want to obtain a pool of potential providers.

Council may call for expressions of interest where there is no legislative requirement to invite tenders when we have less specific requirements and wish to consider a range of solution options that may be proposed by suppliers.

Where do I find out about opportunities for Council work?

Council’s invitations to tender are published on the WSROC eTendering website and on Council’s Electronic Tendering Portal. On these sites you can view, download or order request for tender documents and lodge your tender submissions.

Advertisements relating to current public tenders, expressions of interest and certain quotations are generally published in the local government section of the Sydney Morning Herald (Tuesday edition), and once in the Council’s News Page in local press media (The Western Weekender).

Who do I contact for clarification about a tender, quotation or EOI?

Contact the Council Officer nominated in the advertisement or the tender, quotation or EOI documents. Please note that if a clarification is provided it will only be valid if it is issued in writing. Any clarification given may also be issued to all other prospective Tenderers.

Can I lobby Councillors and staff?

No. This may result in disqualification from the tender / EOI process.

What is 'best value'?

Value for money does not automatically mean the “lowest price”. Council aims to select the offer that represents the “best overall value for each dollar spent”. This is determined by considering a range of factors relevant to the particular purpose of the tender or expression of interest. This may include, but is not limited to the:

  • initial cost of the goods and services
  • whole of life costs
  • quality and reliability of the goods and services delivered, and
  • innovation and value adding components such as meeting Council’s economic, social development and environmental policy objectives.

Best value for money is achieved when the submission satisfies all the essential criteria, specifications, safety, environmental and statutory requirements stated in the tender / EOI document.

Is there an opportunity to negotiate the contract if I am awarded the tender?

After the offer has been accepted, there is no opportunity to negotiate the contract. Alternatives or variations to the terms of the tender must be submitted in full as part of your tender submission. However, if submitting alternatives or variations to the tender, you must ensure that you also submit a conforming tender.

Council uses an online quotation tool called VendorPanel Marketplace to simplify the way we seek quotations from potential suppliers when services are not covered by existing contracts. 

We encourage local suppliers to register for quotations (it’s free) and create a profile.  

When requirements come up that fit with your business category you will be presented to relevant Council staff as a supplier option.

If Council requests a quote from you, you’ll be notified by email and can easily review the quotation request and submit your quote securely through your VendorPanel Marketplace profile by simply following the prompts.

RFT21/22-06 Tree Planting Services

Wednesday 15 September 2021

ASPLUNDH TREE EXPERT (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD. t/a Summit Open Space Services 83 055 140 424 23 Sterling Road Minchinbury NSW 2770 Australia
GJ'S LANDSCAPES PTY LTD t/a GJ's Landscapes Pty Ltd 17105089236 13/43 College street GLADESVILLE NSW Australia
MURU MITTIGAR LIMITED 45093341943 111-113 Henry Street Penrith NSW 2750 Australia
WARATAH LAWNCARE AND GARDEN MANAGEMENT PTY LTD t/a Waratah Group Services 12 086 800 688 6 Cunningham Street Moorebank NSW 2170 Australia

RFT21/22-08 Demolition and Remediation Works for City Park Construction

Wednesday August 25, 2021

Beasy Pty Ltd t/a Beasy Pty Ltd (Beasy Pty Ltd) 58110959549 16 Orchardleigh Street Yennora NSW 2161 Australia
BUDGET DEMOLITION & EXCAVATION PTY LTD 42084229872 PO Box 199 Guildford NSW 2161 Australia
CHERRIE CIVIL ENGINEERING PTY LTD 19603777555 Unit 407, 29-31 Lexington Drive Bella Vista NSW(AUS) 2153 Australia
DRUMDERG SERVICES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED 72646774656 8 Styles Street Kurri Kurri NSW 2327 Australia
ENVIROPACIFIC SERVICES LIMITED t/a Enviropacific Services 43111372064 Level 5, 123 Epping Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia
MILESTONE CONSTRUCTION GROUP PTY LTD 21165798489 Factory 30, 15-23 Kumulla Road Miranda NSW 2228 Australia
N. MOIT & SONS (NSW) PTY. LTD. t/a Moits 76074571510 Constitution Place Level 9 1 Constitution Avenue Canberra ACT 2601 Australia
PERFECT CONCRETE CARE PTY LTD t/a PERFECT CONTRACTING PTY LTD 55605120152 8 Lilian Fowler Place Unit 4 Marrickville New South Wales 2204 Australia
RMA CONTRACTING PTY LTD 28092116704 12/6-20 Braidwood Street Strathfield South NSW 2136 Australia
THE CIVIL EXPERTS PTY. LTD. t/a TCE Contracting 42612801340 350-374 Parramatta Road Homebush West NSW 2140 Australia

RFT21/22-03 Parker Street Field and Irrigation Reconstruction

Wednesday August 4, 2021

Green Options Pty Ltd t/a Green Options 59002456797 30 Cranbrook Street Botany NSW 2019 Australia
HOUGHTON & MEREDITH PTY LTD t/a Houghton & Meredith Pty Ltd 81001114629 66 Melbourne Road Riverstone NSW 2765 Australia
RENWORX PTY LIMITED t/a Renworx 94 168 385 493 39 Old Sackville Road Wilberforce, Sydney New South Wales 2756 Australia
ROMBA PTY. LTD. t/a Romba Civil & Landscape 49004015490 Unit 3/17 Bromley Rd Emu Heights NSW 2750 Australia
THE GREEN HORTICULTURAL GROUP PTY LIMITED t/a GHG 70058801657 182 Annangrove Road Annangrove NSW 2158 Australia

RFT20/21-35 River Road Deviation

Monday August 2, 2021

CA&I PTY LTD t/a CA&I PTY LTD 40 158 442 436 10 Regent Street Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia
J K WILLIAMS CONTRACTING PTY LIMITED t/a J K Williams Contracting 45 056 566 771 44 Jack Williams Drive PENRITH NSW 2751 Australia
MACK CIVIL PTY LIMITED t/a Mack Civil Pty Ltd 94163885943 209 Chuter Avenue Sans Souci NSW 2161 Australia
N. MOIT & SONS (NSW) PTY. LTD. t/a N. MOIT & SONS (NSW) PTY LTD 76074571510 Constitution Place Level 9, 1 Constitution Ave Canberra ACT 2601 Australia
NACE CIVIL ENGINEERING PTY. LIMITED t/a NACE 88065010291 90 Jedda Road Prestons NSW 2170 Australia
QUICKWAY CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD t/a Quickway Constructions Pty Ltd 80123146449 Unit 40, 2 Slough Avenue Silverwater NSW 2128 Australia
WESTERN EARTHMOVING PTY LTD t/a Western Earthmoving Pty Ltd 91000234140 90 Station Road Seven Hills NSW 2147 Australia

RFT20/21-40 Parker Street Reserve and Cook Park Floodlights

Monday July 19, 2021

Central West Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd 54 150 282 974 3/229 Russell Street Bathurst, NSW, 2795
HIX GROUP PTY LIMITED t/a Hix Group PL 52 090 733 332 Unit 1, 10 Production Place Penrith, NSW, 2750
RADI PTY LTD t/a Radi Electrical 30161536143 Unit 5, 5-7 Pine Place Smeaton Grange, NSW, 2567


RFT20/21-29 - Eileen Cammack Amenities

Tuesday July 13

ARENCO (NSW) PTY LIMITED 61 002 671 392 184 Adderley Street West Auburn NSW 2144 Australia
AZARI CORPORATION PTY LTD 83 620 631 469 5 george st North strathfield nsw 2137 Australia
COVERIT BUILDING GROUP PTY LTD t/a coverit building group pty ltd 79613400954 unit 18 37-47 Borec rd Penrith NSW 2749 Australia
HOSPITAL FITOUT GROUP PTY LTD t/a HOSPITAL FITOUT GROUP PTY LTD 50131638376 Unit 3 Lot 2224 Wolseley St Jamisontown NSW 2750 Australia
MAKKI CONSTRUCTIONS PTY. LTD. 58120733744 2,6 Lindsay STREET ROCKDALE Rockdale NSW 2216 Australia
NPM INDIGENOUS PTY LTD 59 631 782 600 Level 8, 95 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
PHILLIP MCNAMARA t/a Cranebrook Constructions 86395530421 97 Taylor Road Cranebrook NSW 2749 Australia
RAPID CONSTRUCTION PTY. LIMITED 35 003 963 620 407 Church Street 407 Church Street North Parramatta NSW 2151 Australia
ROGERS CONSTRUCTION GROUP PTY LTD t/a ROGERS CONSTRUCTION GROUP PTY LTD 56615190157 3/74 Edward Street Riverstone NSW 2765 Australia
TALLAI PROJECT GROUP PTY LTD t/a Tallai Construction Pty ltd 59618362584 3/1 Ashley Street Hornsby NSW 2077 Australia
VBUILT CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD t/a VBuilt Constructions 40625554430 6/74-76 Burwood Rd Burwood NSW 2134 Australia
Westbury Constructions Pty Ltd (Head Office) 53155351518 Unit 601, 5 Celebration Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153 Australia

RFT2021-39 - The Police Cottage Food and Beverage Operator

Wednesday April 28 2021 

2773 PTY LIMITED 82 166 193 568 19 Ross Street, Glenbrook
ANNETTS, MONIQUE NICOLE 72 950 170 794 6/51 York Road, Jamisontown
DOUTMOST PTY. LTD. 15 155 875 077 U29 38 - 46 South Street, Rydalmere
Emu Hall Pty Ltd 33 622 401 478 2 Great Western Hwy, Emu Plains
FRM CAFE PTY LTD 13 636 256 034 Office 2, 148 Station Street, Penrith
NOZBOT TRADERS PTY LTD 68 601 569 251 Shop 1, 488 High Street Penrith
WESTERN FOOD GROUP PTY LTD 86 611 596 322 Shop 8&9 150 Macquarie Rd, Springwood

RFT20/21-38 Actuarial Services

Monday June 28 2021

ERNST & YOUNG t/a EY (Ernst & Young) 75288172749 200 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
FINITY CONSULTING PTY LIMITED t/a Finity Consulting, Pty Ltd (Finity) 89 111 470 270 Level 7, 68 Harrington Street, The Rocks NSW 2000 Australia
PICNIC LABS LIMITED t/a Picnic 17627271596 Level 4 11-17 York St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Thursday June 17, 2021EOI2021-02 Kingswood and St Marys Commuter Car Park

A.W. EDWARDS PTY LTD 76000045849 131 Sailors Bay Road Northbridge NSW 2063 Australia
ADCO GROUP PTY LIMITED 15094531272 7-9 West St Level 2, ADCO Constructions North Sydney New South Wales 2060 Australia
ARENCO (NSW) PTY LIMITED 61 002 671 392 184 Adderley Street West Auburn NSW 2144 Australia
BELMADAR PTY LTD t/a Belmadar Pty Ltd 53 156 053 351 214 Willoughby Road Naremburn NSW(AUS) 2065 Australia
FDC CONSTRUCTION (NSW) PTY LIMITED t/a FDC Construction (NSW) Pty Ltd 72608609427 22-24 Junction Street Forest Lodge NSW 2037 Australia
GRINDLEY CONSTRUCTION PTY. LIMITED 42003586687 Ground Floor, 55 Grandview Street PYMBLE NSW 2021 Australia
GROWTHBUILT PTY LIMITED t/a Growthbuilt PTY LTD 43 115 132 020 Level 9/100 William St Woolloomooloo NSW 2000 Australia
HASLIN CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LIMITED 85051102124 Suite 2, 2 -4 Merton St Sutherland NSW 2232 Australia
ICON SI (AUST) PTY LTD t/a ICON SI (AUST) PTY LTD 66617747458 Level 2, 179 New South Head Road Edgecliff NSW 2027 Australia
J. HUTCHINSON PTY. LTD. t/a Hutchinson Builders (Rosebery) 52009778330 23 Dunning Avenue Rosebery NSW 2018 Australia
KANE CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD t/a KANE CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD 49007354396 2 John Street Waterloo NSW 2017 Australia
LAHEY CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD t/a Lahey Constructions Pty LtdCTIONS PTY LTD 36002314810 60 Union Street Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia
LIPMAN PTY. LTD. t/a Lipman Pty Ltd 84 001 548 830 Level 6 66 Berry Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia
Patterson Building Group Pty Limited 71 109 697 207 Suite 2, Level 5 189 O'Riordan Street Mascot NSW 2020 Australia
PROJECT CO-ORDINATION (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LIMITED t/a Project Coordination (Australia) Pty Ltd (NSW Office) 26008566005 2 Lady Penrhyn Drive Unanderra NSW 2526 Australia
ST HILLIERS CONTRACTING PTY LIMITED t/a St Hilliers Contracting Ptd 66082729039 Level 3 8 Windmill Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
STEPHEN EDWARDS CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD t/a Stephen Edwards Constructions Pty Ltd 65 001 824 139 140 Wicks Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia


RFT2021-32 Construction Management Software

Tuesday May 18, 2021

HKA GLOBAL PTY LTD t/a HKA (HKA Tech) 75 085 532 047 Level 1 Hickson Road The Rocks NSW 2000
FINAO PTY LTD t/a finao (finao pty ltd) 38 131 500 984 150 Pacific Highway North Sydney NSW 2060
EREDOX PTY LTD t/a Eredox Pty Ltd 32634165941 10 Eagle Street ( Level 19) Brisbane Queensland 4000
INEIGHT PTY LTD t/a INEIGHT 81009583671 Lvl 3, 332 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004
The trustee for EPM Partners Unit Trust t/a EPM Partners Pty Ltd 306 446 993 07 Level 6 50 Margaret Street Sydney New South Wales 2000
INFOTECH ANZ PTY LTD t/a InfoTech ANZ Pty Ltd 98619224583 Level 30, 35 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000
BENTLEY SYSTEMS PTY. LIMITED t/a Bentley Systems Pty Ltd 59061925335 Level 10, 2 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne Southbank Victoria 52970
RIB TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD t/a RIB Technologies Pty Ltd 84 104 543 197 Level 3, Toowong Tower, 9 Sherwood Rd Toowong QLD 4066
PROCORE TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD t/a Procore Technologies (Procore) 74616717536 12, 255 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000

RFT2021-27 Harold Corr Upgrade

Wednesday April 28, 2021

The Trustee for TURF ONE UNIT TRUST t/a Turf One Pty LTD 93797495355 Unit 12, 89 Simcock avenue Spotswood Victoria 3015 Australia
POLYTAN ASIA PACIFIC PTY LTD t/a Polytan Asia Pacific Pty Ltd 90 111 057 606 Factory 2, Dunlopillo Drive Dandenong South Melbourne Vic 3175 Australia
TUFF GROUP HOLDINGS PTY LTD t/a Tuff Group (Team) 63134718433 58-60 Sunmore Close Melbourne Victoria 3202 Australia
NORTH SHORE PAVING CO PTY LTD t/a NORTH SHORE PAVING CO. PTY LTD 66001021790 16 Moore Avenue Lindfield West NSW 2070 Australia

RFT20/21-25 Regatta Park Landscape Construction

Tuesday April 20,2021

GROWTH CIVIL LANDSCAPES PTY LTD t/a Growth Civil Landscapes Pty Ltd 35 601 437 003 60 Oak Road Kirrawee NSW 2232
RMA CONTRACTING PTY LTD  28 092 116 704  12/6-20 Braidwood Street Strathfield South NSW 2136
GLASCOTT LANDSCAPE AND CIVIL PTY LTD 97 001 281 572 Level 1, 7-9 Orion Road Lane Cove NSW 2066
N. MOIT & SONS (NSW) PTY. LTD. 76 074 571 510 142 Wicks Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113
GREATER WEST LANDSCAPES PTY LTD 44 160 584 083 175 Cranebrook Road Cranebrook NSW 2749
PARAMOUNT LANDSCAPING PTY. LIMITED t/a Daracon Landscaping (Landscaping) 40 003 530 201 20Kullara Close Beresfield NSW 2232