Youth Action Plan


Young people are an important part of our City and Penrith City Council has a planto increase support for them, deliver positive outcomes for their future and help themreach their full potential. 

Today Penrith is home to over 34,000 young people aged 12 to 24. Our young community represents 17.7% of Penrith’s population and is comparatively higher than that of Greater Western Sydney (17.4%) and NSW (15.9%). Young people are a growing group within our community with a forecast to increase to 44,178 in 2036.

In 2020, Penrith City Council surveyed young people in Penrith to find out their needs, priorities and ambitions for the future and developed a plan to ensure they have the support, tools and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

The Youth Action Plan is a strategic document which will frame the direction and focus of Council’s youth initiatives, services and programs over the next five years.

The Youth Action Plan centres around four key themes:

Connection: Young people have opportunities to feel connected to each other and the broader community through participation in social, cultural and environmental projects and activities

Wellbeing: Young people have opportunities to be active, safe and make lifestyle choices that support physical and mental well-being.

Access: Young people have access to services that are appropriate, affordable and available with well trained staff and the local service sector is well coordinated.

Pathways: Young people have meaningful pathways to what they need now and for their future.

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*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011 and 2016 of residents 0-24 years.