National Broadband Network

National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia's new network for landline phone and internet services.

Check your address to find out if the service is already available to you, or type your home or business address into NBN Co's interactive map to find out if the build has commenced in your area.

Switched Off?

When the NBN fibre install is completed in your area, NBN Co will notify you. Typically 18 months after residents receive notification that the NBN is available to them, most of the traditional landline networks used for landline phone and internet services will be disconnected. Services provided over the traditional landline networks, which will be switched off in each area include:

  • Telstra Home/landline phone services (except some Telstra Velocity lines, which are provided over fibre);
  • home/landline phone services from all other phone companies where the service is provided over Telstra's copper phone lines;
  • all ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ internet services from the vast majority of providers;
  • Telstra BigPond cable internet services; and
  • Optus cable internet and cable phone services (although the switch off date for these services is yet to be determined).

If you currently use any of these services, you will be affected. If you want to keep using your landline phone and internet services, you must move them to an NBN-based phone or internet service provider before your scheduled disconnection date.

Move to NBN not automatic

It is recommended you switch to the NBN well before your scheduled switch off date as it may take time to process your order. Call your preferred phone company or internet service provider to discuss your requirements before ordering your services and booking an installation.

To access service over the NBN you will need to have fibre optic cable and NBN equipment installed to the outside and inside of your property.

Connecting your business

There are some important things to consider in regards to connecting your business. Read the NBN FAQ and NBN User Guide (pdf) before calling your provider.


Call NBN Co on 1800 687 626 or visit the NBN Co Contact page.

Already connected to the NBN but having problems? Discuss any issues regarding your service or plan with your service provider, or troubleshoot here.