Night Time Economy Actions

Night Time Economy Actions

1.1 Collaborate with all stakeholders to improve the night time economy (NTE).

1.2 Pilot improvement programs with the Penrith CBD Corporation (PCBDC) for targeted precincts or business types.

2.1 Review the existing public domain lighting policy and consider options to improve lighting on footpaths and public spaces.

2.2 Develop and implement a Lighting Improvement Plan for the centre that complements wayfinding and CCTV improvements.

2.3 Develop and implement a Shopfront Display Lighting Program.

3.1 Review CCTV policy and implement as opportunities arise.

3.2 Collaborate with all stakeholders to improve and maintain night time safety.

3.3 Review current DCP controls for roller door / shutter installation.

3.4 Review night time bus stop, way finding, and lighting design standards for inclusion in the Penrith Public domain Manual and implement as opportunities arise.

4.1 Upgrade public footpaths and spaces in accordance with the Penrith Streetscape Improvement Masterplan.

5.1 Review pedestrian access routes available during the Night Time.

5.2 Prepare and implement a Wayfinding Plan which aims to link night time precincts, public transport and parking areas.

6.1 Prepare a Marketing Plan to create a night time brand identity and market Penrith to the region.

7.1 Review the range of existing events taking place in the NTE, including those hosted at key assets (JSC, Panthers, RSL and Westfield).

7.2 Incorporate night time events and entertainment into the Annual Events calendar of Council and the PCBDC.

7.3 Support quality public street performers at night.

7.4 Create an events plan which aims to activate the NTE.

8.1 Work with arcade owners to improve amenity, identify and safety of the arcades.

8.2 Work with arcade businesses to promote late opening hours.

8.3 Work with owners and businesses on the potential to promote a trial on themed uses in arcades.

9.1 Work with JSC to support late night activity prior and post events.

9.2 Work with stakeholders, including JSC, Westfield, and Council to consider re-design and reconstruction of the precinct to support evening outdoor dining and events.

9.3 Investigate integrating library programming with evening activation of the precinct.

10.1 Develop an annual NTE Monitoring Plan to assess the levels of activity, key issues, barriers and potential opportunities for the city at night.

10.2 Undertake biennial audit of the NTE.

10.3 Update the NTE Strategy every 5 years.