Long history sets scene for transport hub

Long history sets scene for transport hub

St Marys’ history in the transport industry will culminate with its new role as the heart of a major public transport hub once the region’s North South Rail is built.

 Bennetts wagonsTrains, horse drawn wagons and a resting point for long-distance travellers featured strongly in its past.

Western Sydney Business Access reports that from the 1860s, St Marys functioned as a staging post along the Great Western Highway. Its train station opened in 1862 and became the interim terminus of the Main Western line. The township also had a small manufacturing industry making horse-drawn wagons, right up to 1958 to meet the growing demand for transport in Sydney.

Now, St Marys will become a major public transport corridor with the North South Rail line linking up with the T1 Western Line at a massive St Marys Interchange, forming the start of a future rail line across Sydney.

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Image: George Bennett's wheelwright and blacksmith's workshop (circa 1875) was part of Penrith's early forays into transport. Penrith City Library - Albert Evans Collection.