Panel Functions & Processes

Panel Functions & Processes

The role of the Panel is to consider proposals both prior to a development application being lodged, and during the development assessment process. While it is not compulsory for an applicant to present a proposal to the Panel prior to lodgement; it is highly recommended that Applicants engage the Panel in the preliminary design phase, to ensure that key site attributes and constraints inform the progression of a development proposal. Such engagement can avoid the need for significant revisions to spatial arrangement and architectural form that may result following lodgement and detailed assessment of a development application.

The following development types are recommended to be presented to the Penrith Urban Design Review Panel:

  • Residential Flat Buildings
  • Multi – Storey Mixed Use Developments
  • Large Scale Multi-Unit Housing Developments
  • Large Scale Commercial Developments (Most Notably within the Penrith Central Business District and St Mary’s Town Centre)
  • Large Scale Industrial Developments
  • Other large scale developments such as hospitals, schools, shopping centres, and large development of gateway sites, as considered necessary.

Upon registration of a proposal for s scheduled Applicants will be invited to attend the Penrith Urban Design Review Panel Meeting to present the development proposal and to respond to questions from the Panel Members. The meeting is typically managed online via Microsoft Teams and is not a public meeting.

Following the Panel Meeting, detailed advice will be issued to assist in the progression of the development proposal.

NOTE: The Penrith Urban Design Review Panel is an advisory panel only. The Penrith Urban Design Review Panel is not a determination panel, and as such its recommendations are not binding on the determination of an application.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Penrith Urban Design Review Panel Meetings please contact Katelyn Davies on (02) 4732 7447or email Development Services Administration at for assistance.