Unsolicited Requests

Unsolicited Requests

It’s an exciting time for Penrith. Our growing City is undergoing a major transformation as Council proactively seeks to create a liveable, connected, active, accessible, and sustainable City for the future.

At Council, we understand that the ideas and proposals put forward by the community play an integral part to the growth and development of Penrith City. Occasionally, a proposal for the use of Council land that is not available to market may be presented to Council. In these instances, the proposal would be viewed as an Unsolicited Request to purchase Council land.

To create a fair, consistent and transparent approach to the consideration and assessment of Unsolicited Requests and to better facilitate this process, Council adopted the Unsolicited Requests to Purchase Council Owned Land Policy.

This policy aims to care for the community’s interest by ensuring Council owned land that is of high environmental, social, cultural or strategic significance is well protected.

Council will undertake an assessment of the Unsolicited Request based on the assessment criteria outlined within the policy. This includes the assessment of the social and economic benefits of the Request and whether it demonstrates unique attributes in terms of the proposal proponent or value offered.

The policy allows Council to consider an Unsolicited Request where Council determines that:

  • The outcomes of the associated proposal provide real benefits for Council and the community, and
  • Council believes there are justifiable reasons for entering into direct negotiations with the proponent for the sale or lease of the land.

How to submit an Unsolicited Request?

Proponents can make preliminary enquiries about Council owned land and should request a pre-lodgement meeting to discuss initial concepts.

For an Unsolicited Request to be assessed, it must be submitted to the Property Development Manager in writing addressing the assessment criteria outlined within the policy. This can be submitted via the Customer Self-Service Portal.


20160627 LG011 Unsolicited Requests To Purchase Council Owned Land Policy.pdf


For more information, contact:

Property Development Team

02 4732 7777