Permanent Road Closures

Permanent Road Closures

As the authorised Roads Authority* for local public roads within the Penrith area, Council assesses all applications for permanent road closures. The assessment considers:

  • whether the public road is required for public use;
  • whether the road is integral to the operation of an existing road network;
  • if the closure would prevent lawful and reasonable vehicular access to surrounding land.**

*Section 38A of the Roads Act
**This does not include applications for the temporary closure of public roads

Road Closure Process

A typical road closure request can take between 12-24 months to complete, depending on its level of complexity, and must follow the statutory procedures outlined in the Roads Act. 

All road closure applications generally adhere to the following steps: 

  • Step 1 Preliminary Assessment 
  • Step 2 Proposal Notification 
  • Step 3 Council Endorsement for the closure and sale if applicable 
  • Step 4 Road Closure Plan Registration 
  • Step 5 Gazettal Notice 
  • Step 6 Registration of the Road Closure on Title and removal of notations 

Fees and Charges

Council’s fees and charges for road closures can be viewed on the Rates, Payments and Fees webpage.

Any additional costs to the applicant, in addition to Council’s Fees and Charges, are detailed in the Fact Sheet within the Road Closure Application Form.

Application Process

A Pre-lodgement Application seeking advice before proceeding with a formal road closure can be made to Council to determine the likelihood of support for the proposed closure.

A Permanent Road Closure Application Form must be submitted via email to or via the Customer Self-Service portal to commence the formal road closure process.

Council’s process for permanent road closures can be viewed on the Permanent Road Closure Process guide.

For more information, contact:

Property Development Team

02 4732 7777