Supporting Information

Supporting Information

In 2017, the Government introduced changes to make the Local Planning Panel (LPP’S), mandatory for all councils in Greater Sydney and Wollongong.

The Local Planning Panel will be responsible for determining the following development applications:

  • Conflict of Interest – DA’s where Council, a Councillor, a member of staff involved in the DA process, or a member of Parliament or their relative is the owner or applicant.
  • Contentious Development – DA’s that receive 10+ objections from different households.
  • Departure from Development Standards- DA’s seeking 10+% from a standard.
  • Sensitive development
    • Designated development
    • Development for residential flat buildings 4 storeys or over in height to which SEPP 65 Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development applies.
    • Development involving the demolition of a heritage item.
    • Development requiring a liquor licence, restricted premises or for sex services.
    • DAs for which the developer has offered to enter into a planning agreement.
  • Modifications – Modification applications that meet the above criteria may also be referred to the Panel for determination.
  • Planning Proposals – All planning proposals made after 1 June 2018 unless the General Manager determines it relates to correction of an error, is minor in nature or will not have any significant adverse impact on the environment or adjoining land.

Meetings of the Penrith Local Planning Panel will generally be held on Wednesdays the 2nd and 4th week of the month unless there are insufficient matters scheduled to warrant a meeting. The cancellation of a scheduled meeting is to occur no less than 10 days from the date of the scheduled meeting, except in exceptional circumstances. Where a quorum (3 members) for a meeting is not present or a quorum is not achieved to determine an application, the meeting or item shall be deferred.

Operational Documents: