Panel Members

Panel Members

The Penrith Local Planning Panel is comprised of four (4) sitting members being as follows:

  • Chairperson (including a Head Chairperson and 2 alternates elected by state government)
  • Two (2) independent Professional Experts appointed by council & endorsed by a minister. Must have qualifications in architecture, economics, engineering, law, government, public administration, heritage, tourism, planning, environment, traffic & transport, urban design.
  • A Community Member appointed by council.


  • Jason Perica
  • David Ryan - Alternate
  • Pamela Soon - Alternate

Expert Members

  • Mary-Lynne Taylor
  • John Brunton
  • Christopher Hallam
  • Graham Brown
  • Stuart McDonald
  • Jeremy Swan
  • Stephen Driscoll
  • Glenn Falson
  • Christopher Young
  • Lisa Truman
  • Juliet Suich
  • Bruce Simpson

Community Members

  • Geoff Martin
  • Stephen Welsh
  • Vanessa Howe
  • Madeline Hosking

Download the combined Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest Forms for the Local Planning Panel Members (pdf 10.4MB).

Download the Redacted Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest Form 

Download the NSW Government's Code of Conduct for Local Planning Panel Members (pdf 241.5KB).

If you have any enquiries regarding the Penrith Local Planning Panel meeting please contact Katelyn Davies on (02) 4732 7447 or email   for assistance.