Landowner’s Consent

Landowner’s Consent

The Property Development Manager has authority to act on behalf of Council, to provide Council consent (as the landowner) for the lodgement of a Development Application, and other associate statutory requests made on behalf of a third party.  

Landowner's Consent must be obtained before any works are undertaken, or an application is lodged for approval for development, involving land owned by Penrith City Council. You can confirm if the land is owned by Penrith City Council by reviewing our land register Public Land Register - Penrith City Council (,  contacting Council on 4732 7777, or by emailing

If Council’s consent is required as landowner, an Application For Owner’s Consent form can be submitted to the Property Development Department via  or via the Customer Self-Service Portal outlining the details and nature of the works to be undertaken on Council’s land. 

Fees and Charges

Council’s fees and charges for landowner’s consent can be viewed on the Rates, Payments & Fees webpage.

For more information, contact:

Property Development Team

02 4732 7777