Jordan Springs East

Jordan Springs East

The Jordan Springs East precinct within the larger Jordan Springs estate is the responsibility of the developer. Lendlease is the developer of Jordan Springs.

Penrith City Council has amended notations to planning certificates for 818 properties in the Jordan Springs East precinct, following further legal and geotechnical advice from independent experts.

At its meeting of Monday, 22 February 2021, Council resolved to amend notations that were added to section 10.7 planning certificates to properties in the area in February and September last year.
Council has reached a point in its investigation where it has become necessary to amend the notations.

Since our second round of notations in September, we have commissioned independent geotechnical experts to assess the situation and information provided by the developer.

The developer has not established, to the Council’s satisfaction, that relevant lots contain fill that is controlled. This means that earthworks in substantial parts of Jordan Springs East were not undertaken in accordance with the specified technical and control requirements, nor Council’s engineering standards, as part of the DA consent conditions.

Lots in Jordan Springs East with more than 400mm of fill will be treated by Council as Class P for planning purposes. This means that Council will require footing systems for any future development or redevelopment to be designed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards for Class P land.

This knowledge has left Council with no option but to amend the notations.

Council has a moral and legal obligation to give current and future owners information on matters that may impact their property.

We have always strived to be open and transparent with property owners in Jordan Springs East. Furthermore, we have supported and will continue to support efforts by residents to ensure the developer addresses property issues and owners’ concerns in a prompt and professional manner.

Residents who have concerns about potential subsidence issues should contact Lendlease for further information or seek their own legal and engineering advice. The developer can be contacted via phone on 1800 979 721 or email on:

Residents are also encouraged to reach out to the Building Commissioner who has been involved in the matter by contacting NSW Fair Trading.

A copy of the independent report from Council’s geotechnical experts is available below.

Jordan Springs East (JSE) Joint Report - 23 Dec 2020

Amended notation supplementary information