Reducing your energy use

Reducing your energy use

Energy saving tips

Interested in reducing your energy use and saving on bills in a smarter way? Sign up for Endeavour Energy’s free CoolSaver program and receive a free smart thermostat that will allow you to control your air conditioner through your smart device at anytime and anywhere.

With all the predictions pointing towards a hot summer, now's a great time to start thinking about how you can reduce your summer energy bills and stay cool as well.

  • On hot days, keep your blinds and curtains closed. On those nights where it cools down, open up windows on both sides of your house to encourage a cooling breeze through.
  • If you’re worried about your energy bills, try reducing how much you use your air conditioner. Ceiling fans and standing fans help you feel cooler, with far less energy use. For even better results, try moistening your skin with a damp cloth.
  • When you do use your air conditioner, the temperature you have it set on makes a big difference to how much energy you use. Setting it to 230C or higher is ideal. Each degree lower can add 10% to the running cost.
  • Close off some of the house. It doesn’t make sense to cool a room no one is using.
  • Draught proof your home. Weather strips and door snakes are cheap and easy to install, and help seal gaps under doors where hot air can get in.
  • Borrow a Power Mate Meter from a Council Library - see details below. The meters are simple to use, and allow you to check how much energy any plugin appliance such as the fridge and TV in your home uses. Many appliances use ‘standby’ power even when switched off. If you find an appliance using lots of standby power, it might be worth switching the powerpoint off.
  • Consider visiting a cool place on those really hot days like a local library, pool or shopping centre.
  • This fact sheet from the NSW Government has a range of energy saving tips for summer.

Interested in reducing your energy usage all year round? Sign up for Endeavour Energy’s free PowerSavers program and receive handy tips and tricks and participate in challenges.

Compare your energy retailer

The Federal Government has a great resource called Energy Made Easy, so grab some of your old energy bills and head to to see if another company might be cheaper. Even if you'd like to stay with the same energy retailer, it’s worth calling them to see if they can do you a better deal.

With the drought getting worse, now is the time to critically look at how we can all work together to reduce our water use across Sydney. In response to this challenge, Sydney Water have announced level 1 water restrictions.

Save energy costs by borrowing a free PowerMate Meter from your local library. 

Easy to use, the Power-Mate enables households to identify and reduce energy costs by showing people how much their appliances cost to run. By simply connecting the meter between the appliance and power socket, the meter measures the electricity use, greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs of the appliance while in use or on standby. For enquiries about loans or about becoming a member of the library please contact Penrith City Library on 4732 7891.

Solar panels are becoming cheaper all the time. Learn more about how solar can save you money and help you beat the heat this summer on Council’s Sustainability webpage

  • The NSW Government has a program that helps some residents upgrade to more efficient appliances like fridges and televisions, which helps reduce your electricity bills. Conditions apply – find out more on the Energy Saver website
  • There are some rebates and assistance available for your electricity bills. Find out what the NSW Government offers and if you’re eligible at the Resource & Energy website.